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A movie consists of a story or event recorded by a camera as a set of moving images and shown in a theater or on television.  It is also referred to as a motion picture.  A fashion movie is a motion picture that is relevant to fashion (clothing, footwear, fashion accessories, etc.).

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What is the difference between a movie and a video?

A "fashion movie" is usually a large production which typically has a director, cast members, editors, sound crew, etc.  Most movies tend to be at least an hour and a half in length but that length is not a requirement.  The cost of producing a movie is considerably more than the cost to produce a videos.  A "fashion video" can be as short as a few second or as long as a traditional movie.  Basically, anyone with video capability can take a video of a fashion relevant topic.  An example of a fashion video would be a photographer taking a minute long video of a model walking down the runway at fashion week.  Or a person filming themselves trying on outfits from their wardrobe to post as a OOTD on Youtube. (FYI, OOTD means Outfit of the Day).  FYI "FYI" means for your information.

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