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What are fashion names?  A name in general is a word or set of words by which a person, animal, place, or thing is known, addressed, or referred to.  The fashion industry has several important topics that are relevant to "names".

Clothing brands, designers and apparel companies all need to have memorable & stylish names

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If you are asking "what's in a name", the answer is "everything".  The name of a fashion brand or company name helps convey a message.  Brand perception also known as brand image plays a central part in a company’s profitability. It refers to the collective consumer perception of what a company’s product or services represents.  The business name and brand name play a significant role in the overall perception of a business.

When a fashion company decides on their corporate name or brand they should do so with great thought and strategy.  Once a name is gains traction, it become more difficult to change your mind.  After the name is decided, marketing takes place to try and get the brand message across to customers.  In the case of a fashion brand, a clothing company must first convince a clothing store of the brands merit, but they also must appeal to the final consumer.  Contrary to a firm’s understanding of what their brand stands for, brand "perception" is owned by consumers.  In other words, just because a company thinks you have developed a good brand, it does not mean that customers will agree.  The brand message can be marketed and explained, but the brand perception importance is only determined in the eyes of the customer that would be making the purchase.

Everyone wants to be popular, but only a few can actually have popular brand names.  Fashion brands and company names are important to the apparel industry.

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