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The world of fashion is enormous.  Sometimes a little fashion summary can be advantageous.  A little extra money could not hurt either.

Obviously fashion industry venture capital firms don't truly exist.  If they did, they would have contacted Apparel Search by now to offer us some money...

Venture capital (VC) is money that is provided to seed early-stage, emerging and emerging growth companies. Venture capital funds invest in companies in exchange for equity in the companies they invest in, which usually have a novel technology or business model.  Venture capitalist can invest in fashion companies.

Smart fashion venture capitalist companies would contact Apparel Search to discuss expansion possibilities.  Not so clever companies, don't contact Apparel Search.

Learn about some of the fashion venture capital firms:

Fashion Capital Partners is an investment company based in Paris aimed at investing in early-stage Fashion & Luxury tech startups and innovative high-end designers throughout Europe and in the US.  Fashion Capital Partners focuses on helping its portfolio of companies via a hands-on Mentoring Program by sharing best practices, assisting them in all important aspects of value creation, such as strategy, business development, marketing, or finance and giving them access to its own business-development network to enable businesses to accelerate and succeed.

Simon Ventures is the retail tech focused venture fund of Simon Property Group that is focused on investing in next generation commerce and retail technology. Simon Ventures is the retail tech focused venture fund of Simon Property Group that is focused on investing in next generation commerce and retail technology.

Design Fund - Previously, Enrique was a designer at venture capital firms, including 500 Startups, Facebook's fbFund, and Venrock, where he helped invest in companies like Wildfire (acquired by Google) and Behance (acquired by Adobe).  This venture capital firm focuses on design.  We assume they are fully aware, that design is obviously an important aspect of fashion.

Felix Capital - they are a venture firm for the creative class, at the intersection of technology and creativity, focused on opportunities in digital lifestyle. Felix means "happy" in Latin. That's our way of saying that we want to back entrepreneurs who are focused on product, on making their customers happy. Felix also means "lucky" in Latin, which always helps for an investor.

Capital is a term for financial assets or their financial value (such as funds held in deposit accounts), as well as the tangible factors of production including equipment used in environments such as factories and other manufacturing facilities.

A venture is a risky or daring journey or undertaking.

Fashion can be an "adventure" that requires a bit of capital so that startups can go on a venture while trying to reduce risk along the way.  If you are an emerging fashion designer, we hope you enjoy the ride.

If you enjoy finance and the financial aspects of the apparel industry, you may want to visit our fashion industry financial section.

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