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What is an emerging fashion designer?

Emerging means newly created or noticed and growing in strength or popularity: becoming widely known or established.  Things that are emerging are just being born, blooming, or they're reaching an adult or advanced state. The important thing is they're growing and developing.  You could say an improved baseball team is an emerging force in the National League, or a new disease is an emerging threat.  Emerging things can be brand new but aren't necessarily: they could just be beginning to develop.  Emerging means something close to sprouting / growing.

Fashion designers young or old can fit into the classification of being an “emerging fashion designer”.  Age is really not very relevant as an indicator.  People or companies fall into this category if they are showing signs that they are geared up and look ready for growth.  Some emerging designers are only showing signs that they are ready for progress, and others are already well on the path toward notoriety.   The ones already on the move may still be termed emerging if they have not yet fortified an extremely popular or overtly famous status. 

When does the ride end?

We often reference them as “up and comers” or “emerging designers” until they have succeeded, failed, or took too long trying.  “If their growth slows, they have been in the market for a long period of time, or if they have become successfully popular in the main stream media, they have moved beyond being considered an emerging designer.  If all went well, they are now popular brands

Where can we find emerging fashion designers?

They are all around you… Just open your eyes and surf the web.  If you enjoy reading, you can browse the various fashion blogs and you are almost certain to find new ones that you have never heard of before.  Being discussed on blogs, magazines, and newspapers is hugely important to up and coming designers.  Equally important is being highlighted in a blog with a celebrity wearing the clothing.  In addition to browsing the style blogs, you can check your favorite indie retailers.  You will see many trendy designer having their clothing on display in boutiques both online and offline.  Many of the luxury retailers pay special attention to promoting trendy new influencers.  Fashion designers and retailers need to create garments that they know or think people will want to buy.  Good retailers are always on the prowl for the next big thing.  Therefore, up and comers are always on their radar.   So, if you want to see what is fresh head into a store such as Bloomingdales, Barney’s New York, Neiman Marcus, Lord & Taylor, etc.  You are sure to find newness. 

The customer at retail can be defined by several factors.  These include their age, gender, lifestyle, and income to name a few.  Fortunately, the leading luxury stores have resources knocking on their doors daily to meet the needs of all these consumer types.  Regardless of your personal style preferences, if you shop the right stores, you will find an up & coming designer that is right up your alley.

Find some of the coolest and most trendy emerging fashion designers in the clothing industry.

Designers can greatly influence what direction fashion will go in on an international level.  Young ones are usually the first to sport new looks, spurring the buying public into accepting emerging trends.  If their trend ideas click, they can see soaring results for their business.  If their design ideas fail, rather than skyrocketing results, they will feel the mounting pressure as the potentially begin spiraling out of control in the wrong direction.  Unfortunately, ascending is not the only possible direction.

How do I go beyond being an emerging designer?

If you are entering the market, we suggest you try to make your design strengths apparent as early as possible.  Once you get the ball rolling, keep pushing forward at a fast pace and never look back.  To develop into a star, you need to work harder and smarter than all others in your field.  Continue striving and good fortune will materialize in your favor.  Keep in mind that becoming well accepted goes well beyond simply designing lovely clothes, footwear, accessories, etc.  Design and merchandising is only a small portion of the apparel industry.

Apparel Search should not have to explain to you the importance of social media for the fashion industry and search engine optimization.  In today’s world, technology plays in important role in EVERYTHING.  Even garmentos and fashionistas must learn to properly use technology to promote ourselves, our businesses, and most importantly our brands.  Take the time to learn how to best use tech for your business.  Keep in mind, similar to your sense of style, the methods of technology are continuously evolving.  Make sure to never stop studying and learning best practices.

Do you know why buying from emerging fashion designers cost consumers more money?  You may want to read the article Why Buying From Emerging Fashion Designers Costs More Money (and Why That's Okay) from The Hairpin.  Their article was written in 2012, but still appropriate.

Many extremely talented emerging designers are unaware of how to break into the fashion market. Many of them are well-researched but the fact is, the fashion industry, like so many other industries, is changing rapidly. And the emerging designer market is changing with it.  The old rules are largely out, and each year it seams at though it's time to create new ones.  Emerging designers must do more than simply develop great fashion.  They must understand how to develop a business as well as stay current with marketing trends.  It is one thing to create a great collection.  It is another to get people to learn of your great work.  New designers need to understand fashion marketing as well as design.

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Emerging Fashion Designers

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