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That is a lovely vest that you are wearing. If you are not actually wearing one at the moment, we meant the one you recently wore.

The vest is often seeking its place in the world of fashion.  This type of garment is almost always around, but it is often questionable of some of them are truly in fashion.  In our opinion, vest can be stylish but they can also go horribly wrong.  Keep in mind the ugly Christmas sweater vests.

A vest is a sleeveless, close-fitting waist-length garment worn over a shirt, typically having no collar and buttoning down the front.  In general, vests come in and out of fashion from time to time.  When the vest as a clothing category is actually in style, consumers still have the option of "basic" vests or "fashion vests".  Fashion vests are vests that attempt to be stylish or trendy for the times.

For example, some tuxedo vests are basic if the style or color has not changed for decades.  However, a tuxedo vest can be more fashionable with a new splash of color or possible adjustment to the silhouette or fabric.

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Fringed leather vests had been fashionable in the 1960's.  The fashion of the 60's is not necessarily fashionable today.

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