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A fad is an intense but short-lived fashion trend.  Fashion victims often fall prey to the fads.

If you are a fashion victim, you may want to call the fashion police.

A fashion victim is a person who follows popular trends in dress and behavior slavishly.  Fashion victims are "victims" because they are often vulnerable to faddishness and materialism.  They become so obsessed with a fad they lose track of cost and whether or not the clothing is actually trend worthy.  Some trends, simply should not exist.

Due to the inability to recognize certain boundaries, fashion victims may aspire to the extreme end of what is available.  They often seek expensive products simply because they are currently popular.  They risk spending more money than they can afford to spend to satisfy their quest to stay popular or trendy.  A fashion victim may believe that the outward display of such items will draw admiration in proportion to their actual or apparent cost.

Don't become a victim of fashion.  Wear clothing that is stylish for "you" and affordable.  It is often fun and acceptable to ride the wave of a fashion trend.  Just be careful to not let it consume you.  All waves eventually crash.

Be cautious of fashion revolutions as well.  Sometimes they are positive, but sometimes they can be dangerous.  A fashion revolution can potentially result in unintended victims.


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