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A celebrity is a widely-recognized or famous person who commands a high degree of public and media attention.  A “fashion celebrity” is a famous person that has an influence on the fashion industry or consumers of fashion.

The fashion industry has more than its fair share of fortune and fame.  If you are not part of the industry, you may be surprised to learn of the amount of money a clothing company can earn in a year.  Apparel companies that are managed properly can do very well for themselves financially.

With fame and fortune on the back of their minds, fashion designers on occasion will strive to become celebrities in their own right.  Although many have tried, only a handful of designers actually reach the status of "famous" or "celebrity".  Some designers will cultivate their own personal name into stardom, but others will develop a particular brand name, to launch their careers.  Either way, the designer behind the label will typically gain celeb status if they reach the stage of owning or developing a popular fashion brand.

Typically, you will find the most successful fashion designers gracing the cover of style magazines and on stage at the international fashion week events.  In fact, many designers utilize the international fashion weeks as a method to propel their careers into the stratosphere.  Having a successful showing at fashion week, can do wonders for an aspiring designer.

Although fashion designers can achieve celebrity status on their own, the designers often seek assistance from celebrities in other industries to help launch their labels.

In addition to famous fashion designers, the industry has a rather tight relationship with movie stars, musicians, athletes, and other celebrities.

For example, it is important for movie stars and musicians to wear the clothing that is designed by clothing designers.  When the movie star leaves their home, they are often photographed at nearly every turn.  As a fabulous fashion designer, your goal is to have the celeb wearing your clothing when they are spotted by the paparazzi.  Keep in mind that the photographs or videos that are taken will often end up in a magazine, fashion blog, newspaper, or on television.  Either way, this will help publicize the designers brand...

In addition to having movie stars and pro athletes wear designer fashion during their daily routine, it is equally or more important to have glamorous celebrities appear at fashion week events.  To be a successful designer, you cannot simply put on a fabulous cat walk display of beautiful models and stylish accessories.  It is very important to have the room full of photographers, fashion reporters and CELEBRITIES.

Apparel Search has put together a directory of celebrities that you may or may not want at your fashion week events.  Although we do not provide the contact information for movie stars, if you are an aspiring fashion designer, you may wish to track them down and ask them to wear your clothing or fashion accessories.  It is simply good fashion pr to have a celebrity wear your brand. 

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