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What does plus size mean?  In summary, it is larger than average.  Average is sometimes referenced as regular or standard.

Plus size clothing is clothing proportioned specifically for people whose bodies are larger than the average person.

A relatively new alternative term for plus size (or large size) gaining consumer and editorial favor is the word "curvy".

 What is the standard for plus size clothing measurements?

Plus-size clothing patterns have traditionally been graded up from a smaller construction pattern. However, many fashion designers, retailers, and fashion brands use statistical data collected from their own measuring projects, and from specialized Body Scan Data collection projects to modernize the fit and construction of their garments.  However, each designer, brand owner, & retailer essentially works on their own and does not necessarily share the date.  Therefore, their is no exact standard that is followed in the market.  So, if you are looking for that perfect fitting garment, we suggest you put in the effort at the stores and try on the clothing to find what fits you best.

For guidance on an estimate size range for plus size clothing we turn to an expert.

On the Lane Bryant website (7/29/21 - please note these measurements are subject to change and you should visit their site for most current details), they mention the following: 

"Lane Bryant general sizes range from women’s size 14 to 28 with some items available in size 12 and up to size 40. Our average Lane Bryant lengths are cut for a woman with a height of 5' 6". Lane Bryant short lengths are cut for women 5' 4" or under, and Lane Bryant long lengths are cut for women 5' 8" or taller."

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