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A pocket square is a fashion accessory utilized by men.   The pocket square is essentially for show.  However, it can technically be utilized for several purposes if needed (blowing your nose if you have no other options).  The primary purpose of the pocket square is to be an accessory utilized as a fashion statement and expression of a man’s personal style.   The pocket square is placed in the jacket breast pocket using a method so that portion stays visible.  It is normally made from silk, a light-weight cotton or linen, and should be small enough to fold without creating bulk.

The color (or colors) of a pocket square should complement the wearers shirt, tie, or jacket.  However, it is also debatable if it can be matched to ones pants, shoes, or socks.  The traditional method is matching to a shirt, tie or jacket.

Pocket squares are one of the best way to spruce up a generic or possibly boring suit, blazer, or sports jacket.

There is a difference between a pocket square & handkerchief.

The pocket square is for style, and a handkerchief is for utility.  In other words, the pocket square is meant to stay clean & tidy and the handkerchief can be used to blow your nose, clean your glasses, and so on.

There are several methods for folding a pocket square.  Below is one general example of how to fold:


1.  Lay the pocket square on a flat surface.

2.  Fold one corner in so that you get two overlapping triangles.

3.  Fold one side of the triangle in.

4.  Do the same on the opposite side.

5.  Carefully place the pocket square in your jacket's pocket.

For illustrations on folding techniques, you can try the following:






How to fold a pocket square videos:



Pocket Squares

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What are pocket squares?  Now you know.