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Contemporary to the garage bands of the early 1970s, glam punk fashion, pioneered by bands like the New York Dolls , includes glitter, androgynous make-up, brightly dyed hair, drainpipe jeans, bright colors like electric blue, elements of leather fetish wear, and unusual costumes like leopard print, spandex, or satin shirts.

Leftover baroque pop clothing like ruffled pirate shirts or brocade were also worn, together with more typical glam rock fashions like platform boots, tartan, kipper ties, and metallic silver clothing like jumpsuits.

Glam punk has been seen as a backlash to the hippie folk music sensibilities of the 1960s.  Lucy O'Brien defines the The New York Dolls style as combining "Rolling Stones raunch with heavy borrowings from the girl group era".  The term has been used to describe later bands who combined glam aesthetics with punk music.

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