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is a term for a one-piece garment originally used for skydiving, hence the name. It has later come to be used as a common term for any one-piece garment with sleeves and legs and has from time to time had its place in fashion.

 Uses of jumpsuits

  • For skydiving
    the origin of the jumpsuit.

  • As a fashion item.

  • For sports, e.g. skiing and motorsport (auto racing and motorcycle racing).

  • Stage clothes worn by various singers, e.g. Elvis Presley.

  • As an easy way of dressing children, especially in the winter time.

  • In aviation and space flight. They are good for use in zero gravity/microgravity, because they don't float around like other garments and stay close to the body.

  • Jumpsuits are also often seen in science fiction, because they are seen as futuristic clothing.

Advantages and disadvantages of jumpsuits


  • You never have to worry about how to combine your clothes, since the jumpsuit is the one piece of clothing you need.

  • Since jumpsuits have an unbroken line from the neck to the foot of the body, it gives a slimming impression which is flattering for most people's bodies.

  • Getting in or out of a jumpsuit can get very quick.

  • Jumpsuits are usually comfortable.


  • As the jumpsuit has to fit the whole body, it has to be designed for the whole body. When choosing a shirt and pants, you can pick out the size that correctly fits your upper body, and another that fits your lower body, but with the jumpsuit you can't mix and match like that, and a poorly fitting jumpsuit is a problem because it can restrict your body movements. This makes it harder to pick out a good fitting jumpsuit off the rack.

  • A jumpsuit can be a problem when going to the bathroom.

  • Jumpsuits haven't really been in style since the early 1980's.

Related garments

A jumpsuit is very similar to a coverall (also called overall or boiler suit), but is usually more tight-fitting, even if it is not as tight-fitting as a catsuit, which is another related garment.

Another related garment, is the flight suit, so named because it is made for wear by military flight crews: pilots and co-pilots, among others.

Catsuit verse Jumpsuit



Parachute Pants




Atmospheric Diving Suits

Diving Suits

Mao Suit

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