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A flight suit is a full body garment, worn while flying an aircraft, such as, military aircraft and gliders. These suits are generally made to keep the wearer warm, as well as being practical, and durable (including fire retardant).  Its appearance is usually similar to a jumpsuit. A military flight suit may also show rank insignia.


As aviation developed, the need for warm clothing quickly became apparent. Various types of flight jackets and pants coverings were popular, and during World War II, leather two-piece outfits were common among pilots.

With the era of jet-flight and improved focus on safety, however, fire-retardant and warmer materials were required. It was also simpler to make a one-piece suit when it would potentially have to fit over existing clothing or various types of under-garment.

Also with the coming of jet flight came the development of the G-suit, a special kind of flight suite (worn alone or in combination with a traditional flight suit) which protected the wearer from the physical stress of acceleration.

In the 1950s and 1960s, even more specialized suits needed to be developed for high-altitude and space flight. These would include full pressurization, and would be the pre-cursor to today's space suits.

Space flight

Space flight suits are made of a fire-retardant material, and are combined with a G-suit and during all or part of the flight, a fully pressurized space suit.


Astronauts use several colors of flight suit. NASA crews, for example, wear their blue flight suits as a sort of functional dress uniform during a mission. The orange suits that they wear when they launch and land are that color in order to help with emergency recovery. And white suits are used to control temperature for space walks.

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