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How important is Apparel?

Well, that is a very good question.  It is fair to argue that the answer would depend on the definition of the word Apparel.  To keep things simple for this discussion, we will consider the question above to refer to the Apparel Industry rather then the actual clothing / garments.  Therefore, the proper question should read, "How important is the Apparel Industry?"

Let's try to put this into perspective.  As we all know, the cell phone has become a very popular commodity in the modern world.  As each day passes, it appears that more and more cell phones are being utilized.  According to some analysts, the cell phone is as important as the discovery of electricity.

Take a moment to imagine yourself sitting on a commuter bus that is 100% full to capacity.  Each seat, including the drivers seat is full with an assortment of professional men and women on their way to work.. If there are 50 people on the bus, how many of them have a cell phone tucked away in their coat pocket, brief case or purse? Is it fair to say that at least 20 of the 50 passengers have a cell phone?  In a big city like Los Angeles or New York, I think that it is reasonable to assume that this is an accurate assessment. Picture these people taking their cell phones out of their hiding places, putting them in their left hand and raising them straight in the air for your easy viewing.

Here comes the fun part.  Continue to visualize 20 people sitting on a full bus, with their hands lifted straight in the air waving their cell phone.  Now, think really hard.  How many of these people are wearing clothing???   I realize that some of you may have pictured the bus full of naked people.  However, the majority of you had pictured each and every person fully clothed.

Despite all of the hype regarding cell phones, computers & other electronics, it is clear to see that clothing is significantly more important.  Some people own a cell phone, but "everyone" owns clothing.  Considering the fact that clothing is so important, it is safe to say that the "Apparel Industry" is equally important.  One can not exist with out the other.

Therefore, it is our assertion that the Apparel Industry is most important industry in the entire universe.

Written by Apparel Search Company 10/20/00

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