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On these pages, we will try to push the envelope of traditional thinking.  We will "explore" as well as "experiment" with a wide range of ideas and concepts relevant to fashion or textiles.  The Think Tank may become the stepping stone for the Modern Garmento to explore. 

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Join us by sharing your thoughts.  The more off the wall, the better.

Just a thought

What's in a brand name?> 
Reduce the use of Anorexic Models
Mass Market Fashion
Are Wholesalers in Trouble???
Is Tommy stupid?
Color Variance
Is the shade lot that critical???
National Pride  made in the USA
What is the Hang up on Hangers?
The color "Black"
Importance of Apparel
Wholesaler vs. Manufacturer
Outerwear: Fashion or Necessity
People are Tired of the Big Guys Whining
Why it is always the production & quality suffers due to inefficiency of Non-Production?

Join us by sharing your thoughts.  The more off the wall, the better... 

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