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As a reminder, the article below was written in the year 2000.  Times may have changed...

The color "Black":

Why is it that 85% of the employees at DKNY & Nicole Miller wear outfits of entirely black clothing? Although 85% is merely an estimate based on my personal observation, it appears to me that Donna & Nicole have managed to clone humans. For if you arrive in front of the offices of DKNY or Nicole Miller at 8:45 A.M. you are sure to notice a sea of attractive men and women dressed in black from head to toe. My question is, "WHY?"

With all of the genius and creativeness that embodies their offices, why do these magicians of design remain so drab? They create fashion for the world yet they appear to succumb to the darkness of conformity. Are these workers wearing black because it fits in their lifestyle, or because it helps them fit in at the office? Whatever the case may be, it seems that an "understood" part of the job description to work for these companies states that one must be attractive and have a closet full of black clothing.

Anyway, if you visit these offices and see that the employees are not wearing all black, it is probably because they read this article and have already begun to rebel against the machine. Good for them, for it is time for conformity to end! Stand tall, stand strong, break the shackles! Dress with color! Fashion mavens of the industry, you certainly have been dressing safe but the time has come to feel the adventure and embrace color!!!

Written by Apparel Search 11/22/00

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