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What do you call a company that sells clothing to retailers?

In the fashion industry, companies that purchase clothing from factories for re-sale to RETAILERS generally consider themselves to be Apparel Manufacturers.   Why do we call ourselves manufacturers?  According to my 1992 edition of the New Expanded Webster's Dictionary, a MANUFACTURER is one who manufactures; owner of manufactory.

If we own or work for a company that does not have direct ownership in facilities that which produce / manufacture
garments we should be considered WHOLESALERS.

If you go to our MANUFACTURER section you will find clothing FACTORIES.

If you go to our WHOLESALER section, you will find companies that buy clothing from MANUFACTURERS and then re-sell the clothing to the RETAILERS.

By the way, some companies do both.  Yeah, that is confusing. 

Written by Apparel Search 1/29/03

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