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What is wholesale clothing or wholesale apparel?  

First lets discuss, "what is a wholesaler?"  In the United States, Clothing wholesalers are occasionally referred to as clothing manufacturers.  However, in my opinion their is a distinct difference between wholesalers and manufacturers.  To clarify, manufacturers "produce" something.  Wholesalers do not physically produce product.  They actually purchase product from other companies (such as from manufacturers / factories) and then they sell the products to retailers. 

Although garment wholesalers do not physically manufacturer the clothing, they do provide detailed instruction to the factories to follow.  The wholesaler is typically the designer of the garments.  They will provide the factory with spec packs and specific instruction regarding the garments that they wish to have produced. 

Note: Not all wholesalers are designers.  Some purchase product from the secondary market and have no part in the design aspect of the clothes.

Wholesalers generally sell to clothing stores.  However, wholesalers will sometimes sell direct to consumer.  The primary function of a clothing wholesaler is to be the middleman between an apparel factory and a clothing store. 

In addition to purchasing from factories, a clothing wholesaler will also occasionally purchase excess inventory from other wholesalers or from retailers that wish to closeout product.  They can then re-sell the product to other retailers.  This type of wholesaler is occasionally referenced as a jobber or closeout wholesaler.

Well, now you know a little bit about what an apparel wholesaler does.  Based on above, it is fairly easy to guess what wholesale clothing means.  Basically, it is the clothing or fashion accessories that the clothing wholesaler sells...  Again, wholesalers typically sell only to retailers.  However, on the internet, consumers can also find methods to purchase clothing at wholesale prices.  Often a wholesaler will require you to purchase in larger quantities then a consumer would normally purchase for themselves.  For example, rather then selling a single unit, they may require you to purchase in bulk quantity or in packs of multiple quantity and possibly multiple assortment of styles.

Here are suggestions on where to find wholesale clothing suppliers:

1)  Discount Wholesale Clothing: This database contains clothing that is sold at discount prices.  In many cases, the clothes in this database or from store returns or excess inventory sold off by other wholesalers, jobbers, or manufacturers.  Before ordering, check the quantity requirements.  You may be required to purchase in bulk quantities.  However, you will find very good pricing from this database.

Women's Discounted Wholesale Clothing

Men's Discounted Wholesale Clothing

Children's Discounted Wholesale Clothing

2)  Apparel Wholesaler Directory: The Apparel Wholesaler Directory at Apparel Search is a wholesale directory that is intended to display companies that only sell to retailers.

Women's Wholesale Clothing Directory

Men's Wholesale Clothing Directory

Children's Wholesale Clothing Directory

3 Apparel Wholesaler Search Engine: The Apparel Wholesaler website has a search engine that will search the entire internet.  This site contains a very powerful search, but you will need to be specific when entering your search term in the search box.  For example, you should type "women's wholesale pants" or "women's wholesale shirts" or "women's wholesale skirts", depending on what you are looking to locate.  Be specific to list the gender, the silhouette and use the word "wholesale" or "wholesaler" as one of your terms.

Well, we hope that the above explanation helps you in some way.  Hopefully the wholesale clothing resources are of assistance to you.  If you have any questions or suggestions on how we can improve this page, please do not hesitate to let us know.

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