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If you are planning to open a thriving fashion boutique, you are going to need to find a supplier to sell you fabulous product. The key is to purchase wholesale clothing from a respected company that ensures trendy fashion, fair prices, excellent quality and good service. In all honesty, the search for such a supplier is not that simple. Finding a supplier may be easy, but finding a "good" one is certainly a task.

The good news is that many wholesale companies are in the market place and you can get a list of niche directories directly from the internet or from offline apparel guides. Many of the leading wholesale distributors will be found in New York and the fashion district of Los Angeles. If you are working in these areas, you are off to a good start.

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If you travel to LA or NY you can walk around the streets of the fashion district which will have plenty of shops promoting women's wholesale clothing as well as apparel for men and kids. In addition to luxury brands (selling at top dollar), you may find suppliers providing off-price and liquidated items both branded and non-branded as well (make sure the wholesaler has approval to sell those brands before making purchases). Although the fashion district has much to offer, I would suggest making appointments before traveling. You want to spend your days meeting with fashion wholesalers and not looking around trying to find them. Be prepared "before" traveling. By the way, New York and California are not the only places to find clothing wholesalers. They can be found in other states, and other countries.

You can scour the internet by using the wholesale clothing search engines or use clothing wholesaler directories on the net to get yourself a list of wholesale distributors. Although many can be found in the fashion district, many more are scattered around New York City and the world. So, you should do your research first online so that you can narrow your search from the convenience of your home of office.

Many of the distributor shops and apparel industry offices have online storefronts thus customers from the USA and abroad can more easily locate them. If you plan to search the internet to find apparel wholesalers, you can try the Apparel Wholesaler website.

You will find that their are numerous fashion companies that are selling thousands of wholesale dresses, jeans, pants, active wear, work wear, t-shirts, tops, wholesale plus size clothing, accessories such as handbags, fashion jewelries, scarf, belts, sunglasses and any other fashion item you can think of online. After viewing a various assortment of suppliers online, at their offices or in their shops, you can buy items based on the budget you can afford. There is truly something out there for everyone.

In addition to women's wholesale clothing and apparel, you will find wholesalers selling niche fashion apparel for men and children. Many care only name brands such as Polo, Armani, Juicy Couture, Calvin Klein, DKNY, Kenneth Cole, Nine West, Guess etc. Others sell private label brands and others that sell no tag wholesale apparel. Some of this comes directly from big importers and other product comes from independent fashion designers. When there is overstock that big chain stores in the country failed to buy, you can often buy it from wholesale women's clothing liquidators for prices that are very advantageous and put your own brand on the brand labels and name tags (you will have an expense to add your labels; even more expense if you have to remove old labels to add new ones).

As a clothing store owner, you can target just about any age group or gender. If you wish to cater to men's only, you can do so. Children's clothing is another niche you want to experiment with. However, it is best to stay focused so that your customers learn what to expect from your store. The goal is to develop a loyal following for your retail operation. If you are bouncing around from one market to the next, you will lose your valuable customers.

Maybe you can focus on the juniors market, which is one of the biggest market as they tend to be the trend setters. Or you can try the ever growing wholesale plus size clothing business. Among the best selling items for wholesale women's clothing and apparel includes fashion accessories, handbags, shoes, costume jewelry, halters, t-shirts, shorts, capris, jackets, dresses, tops, bermuda, jeans, night gowns, skirts, sportswear, sweaters, pajamas, lingerie, work wears and much more. You can learn about various clothing categories in our clothing guide section.

Each season, clothing wholesale distributors bring hot stylish selection to their stock, bringing new trends, colors and silhouettes depending on the season. But whatever niche you have in mind, there's definitely wholesale clothing supplier you can find around.

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If you own or work for a clothing company, please let us know. You can submit your company information to be added to our wholesale fashion directory. Also, you can create a listing on our new (much smaller site) at the Wholesale Apparel Directory.

If you work in the fashion industry, please join us for discussions at the Fashion Industry Network.


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