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Is Tommy stupid?

Due to the fact that I have never met Tommy Hilfiger, it would not be fair for me to comment on the above question.   However, I would like to take a moment to point out my disappointment in the intelligence level of his marketing department (which unfortunately has a direct reflection on Tommy). 

Although I have not had recent communication with the Tommy Hilfiger corporation, I have been haunted by the insanity of an old communication.  Approximately one year ago, I had extended an invitation to the Tommy Hilfiger marketing department.   Essentially, I had offered them an opportunity for FREE publicity on the Apparel Search web site.  The invitation indicated that they would be permitted to submit a detailed profile about their company so that viewers of Apparel Search could learn more about the details behind their organization. 

The profile could have been as long and as detailed as they wished.  Due to the fact that they would write the profile, it could have easily been written to portray the company in a very positive light.  In addition to writing a detailed profile,  they had the opportunity to include photos to better display their past achievements.  In my mind, the offer was purely beneficial to Tommy's marketing department.  Best case scenario, they gain visibility and potential business.  Worse case scenario, no viewers see their profile...

To my complete surprise, I received a reply that basically stated that listing a company profile was not part of their marketing strategy.  How in the world could FREE promotion not be in a corporate marketing strategy???  Apparel Search is not a porn site.  We do not sell drugs... We do not sell guns... We do not eat gold fish (anymore...).  Apparel Search is a international informational resource for the Apparel & Textile industry !!!

Let's take a moment to think about this wonderful marketing decision...

  • Decline FREE promotion.

  • Decline opportunity to write a detailed description of your own companies strong points.

  • Decline the opportunity to act like an intelligent marketing department.

What marketing executive would decline FREE, FREE, FREE promotion of their marketing material???  

By the way, although I think the Tommy Hilfiger Corporation made a completely stupid decision, I do not think that Tommy is stupid.  In fact, he was most likely not even aware of his marketing departments poor use of judgment. 

Anyway, this is just one persons opinion on the situation...

Written by Apparel Search 12/4/01

Viewer Response 9/29/03

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