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The following message was written by an Apparel Search viewer in response to our Think Tank article, Is Tommy stupid.

"i to have submitted an idea to the tommy hilfiger co. being a teen and seeing many styles and knowing what my generation is into,i gave them a free idea on a promotional and advertising strategy,one no one has ever done...EVER!a true history making idea that would gain so much positive reaction from media especially...i was eager to see an email one day from the tommy hilfiger division...i was dissappointed when they stated that qoute"unfortunately we already have a dedicated staff tending to the ideas and strategy of tommy hilfiger"i too believe tommy h. was never given the oppertunity to view my submission..wouldn't the co. and all fashion and entertainment industries due better in the future listening to the people who wear there clothes and buy there accessories?"

Written by Tami 9/28/03

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