Thread Lubrication Wax Rings for sewing thread lubrication

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fashion directory  Clearco Products: Clearco Products, for over 50 years, has been providing pure silicones fluids (dimethylpolysiloxanes), silicone oils, silicone emulsions, NSF/usDA H1 food grade silicones, silicone lubricants in bulk, silicone aerosols and sprays, silicone thread lubricants, silicone wax sewing thread finishes, sewing/cutting room lubricants, silicone vacuum pump fluids, silicone damping fluids, silicone hydraulic fluids, silicone mold release agents, paintable silicones, water based silicones, silicone greases, silicone compounds, and heat transfer fluids.

fashion directory  J.B.Enterpreneurs: they are producing high quality wax rings for sewing thread lubrication, which will give the following advantages. 1.uniform lubrication with less uptake.  2. avoids thread breakage while stitching.  3. proper winding.  They are supplying for leading sewing thread manufactures  Address:  4/139 State Bank Colony Thoothukudi  628002 India  Phone:   91-0461-347072   Email:

fashion directory  Synol: Synol is a brand of eco-friendly synthetic / specialty lubricants manufactured by synthesising natural raw materials. Manufactured by Mavani Group which was founded in 1971 and is a leading manufacturer of synthetic / specialty lubricants. The lubricants are manufactured at their oil blending and grease manufacturing units. These plants are equipped with quality control laboratory and aerosol filling lines and are handled by qualified technicians. With their persistent efforts and quality control they have achieved the coveted ISO 9002 certification.

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