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Capital Solutions: Capital Solutions started out financing tow trucks in 1997. They quickly grew to be a national provider of second and third tier financing for owners with less than perfect credit. Their aggressive lending criteria became very popular and soon business owners from many different specialties came to them looking for financing. They were providing financing for local and regional haulers, car carriers, box truck, Fedex, boom truck, etc. They became very involved in the over the road market and quickly became an expert of the economics of the trucking industry. By 1999 the over the road truck market was their number one area in terms of loan originations.

GE Capital: GE Capital, Americas is the industry-leader when it comes to financing for the commercial trucking industry. Serving for-hire fleets and owner/operators, leasing companies, vocational/medium duty operators and dealers, their local sales force combines asset management and collateral expertise with unparalleled flexibility to create transportation finance programs tailored to help your company grow and thrive. More than just financing a tractor or trailer, they have a deep understanding of latest industry and market events that impact your business. GE Capital has over 35 years experience helping transportation companies.

MHC Truck Financing: Once you've selected the right truck for your needs the next step is how to finance it. For many operators, especially first time buyers, financing a truck is just as important, if not more important, than choosing a truck. A finance package that doesn't fully consider all your operating costs may set your payment schedule so high you can't make a profit after meeting your obligations. The best way to avoid this problem is to finance your truck through someone who understands the trucking industry and the hidden cost of operating a truck.

Sovereign Bank Commercial Vehicle Financing: The Commercial Vehicle Finance group is comprised of seasoned industry professionals with an understanding of the market, the customer, the vendor, and the vehicle. They develop financing programs based upon 4 guiding principals: simple, fast, convenient, and competitive. They help finance new and used vehicles.

Wells Fargo Commercial Truck Financing: Wells Fargo can help you determine the right equipment finance strategy for your business. Choose from a variety of loan and lease options to build or expand your fleet.  They work with wholesalers, distributors, retailers, and manufacturers who use Class 6, 7, and 8 vehicles. Their customers include: Owner/operators, Highway fleets, including private fleets, Leasing companies, and Commercial vehicle dealers.

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