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bigrig.gif (18366 bytes)Apparel Search is building a worldwide directory for buyers and sellers in the transport & logistics industry. We intend to provide you with a multitude of business to business tools. In this section of the garment shipping directory you will find information about trucking companies and the trucking industry in general.  This section provides truckers with links to major truck stops, diesel fuel prices, state and federal DOT, weather, and news.  You will find links to trucking directories providing large searchable lists of transportation information, products and services.

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The fashion industry is a major player in the transportation and logistics industry, with countless goods and materials needing to be shipped across the globe for production and sales. As such, efficient and reliable trucking freight services are essential for this industry to continue to thrive.

Apparel Search Fashion Industry DirectoryTrucking freight services are responsible for the transportation of clothing, accessories, and other fashion-related materials from the production process to their destination. Trucking freight companies must be able to move goods quickly and safely while also providing a cost-effective solution.

To ensure that fashion-related goods remain safe during transport, trucking freight companies use a variety of techniques and technologies. Specialized packaging materials are often used to protect items from being damaged, while also providing a secure environment for the goods to be transported.

In addition to specialized packaging, trucking freight companies must also use GPS tracking systems to ensure that goods arrive in a timely manner. This allows fashion companies to track their shipments and ensure that they are on schedule.

Finally, trucking freight companies must have the necessary licenses and permits to transport goods across state and international borders. This can be a complicated process, but a reliable trucking freight company will have the necessary resources and experience to make the process easier for fashion companies.

Overall, trucking freight is an essential part of the fashion industry. Without reliable and efficient trucking services, fashion companies would be unable to move their goods safely and quickly. A reliable trucking freight company is the key to success in the fashion industry.

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The Dispatch: Sells shipper, carrier and freight broker databases.

Express Trucking: Information center that provides list of truck manufacturers, equipment dealers and leasing companies.

Federal Highway Administration: National traffic and road closure information.

Fleet Directory: An alphabetical listing of trucking companies on the internet.

LogisticsWorld: Directory of freight, transportation and logistics resources on the Internet.

Quick Transport Solutions Inc.: QuickTSI provides detailed profile information of trucking companies, freight brokers in USA and Canada. Address: 11501 Dublin Blvd. Suite 200, Dublin, CA 94568 Phone: 510-887-9300 E-mail:  Contact: Pete Kahlon

Truck Drivers Resource Canada: Provides trucking information including job application, customs brokers, weigh stations, and weather.

Truckdown:  Database of 22,000 listings for the commercial trucking industry. Searches by region include repairs, towing, truck stops, permit offices and various emergency services.

Truck-Driver.Net: Provides directory of trucking companies with web sites and links to truck driving information.

TruckHunt: TruckHunt is the premier online source for new and used commercial trucks and trailers.

Truckinfo: Provides data and information about the trucking industry and links to many other sources of information.

Trucking Search: Offers links, news, and resources for the trucking industry.

TruckRealm: A searchable and categorized directory of links related to the trucking industry.

TruckRepair: Searchable database of truck related services.

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