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fashion directory  Hansen Trucking, Inc.

fashion directory  Highland Trucking, Inc.: Highland Trucking, Inc., in business since April 1984, is an ICC licensed property broker and freight forwarder servicing the (48) contigious states and most of Canada. They currently have contracts with over two thousand truck lines, each operating multiple pieces of equipment, providing their dispatch access to thousands of trucks on a daily basis. Highland Trucking offers high quality transportation services including heavy hauling, freight forwarding, truck brokerage, and other specialty shipping services.

fashion directory  Highway Transport, Inc.

fashion directory  H&M International Transportation and Warehousing: H&M International Transportation, Warehousing and Distribution has been in the apparel and garment trucking and distribution business for 30 Years. H & M provides a broad range of logistics services through a comprehensive network of U.S. intermodal operations. Services include rail terminal operations, intermodal trucking, warehousing and distribution, container freight stations, and Customs exam sites.  Address: 75 County Rd. Jersey City, NJ 07307 Phone 201-216-8492 Fax 201-216-8410 E-mail Contact: .Joseph LoCastro   Established in 1968 as a trucking company providing pier pick-up and delivery services, H & M today encompasses the following:

  1. Manages more than 1.5 million containers each year
  2. Generates annual revenues of over U.S. $90 million
  3. Utilizes more than 1.3 million square feet of warehousing, distribution and CFS space
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  • Trucking

fashion directory  Home Run, Inc.: Home Run, Inc., has been serving its commercial customer base (primarily east of the Mississippi River) for over 35 years. They pride themselves on professionalism both on and off the road as evidenced by their modern, late model equipment and their efficient, knowledgeable corporate staff. They seek out drivers with outstanding safety and driving credentials. Then, they reward them with a Pay/benefit Package, equipment, support and a work environment that are all well above industry standards.

fashion directory  Hub Group, Inc.:  Hub is the third largest truckload broker in the United States. Hub arranges for the transportation of freight by truck by matching customers' needs with carriers' capacity to provide the appropriate service and price combinations. Hub has contracts with a substantial base of carriers allowing it to meet the varied needs of its customers. Hub negotiates rates, tracks shipments in transit and handles claims on behalf of its customers. Hub Group has expanded its service capabilities through the establishment of a Supply Chain Solutions group with logistics expertise. Hub currently offers various logistics services, including comprehensive transportation management, less-than-truckload consolidation and other customized logistics services.

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