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The best way to find fashion is to first find the store.

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Are you looking for street maps you can use online, print out, or possibly even edit, you can learn abut the OpenStreetMap project.  The OpenStreetMap Foundation (abbreviated OSMF) is a non-profit foundation whose aim is to support and enable the development of freely-reusable geospatial data. It is closely connected with the OpenStreetMap project, although its constitution does not prevent it supporting other projects.

Learn about fashion stores by region.  First find your favorite shopping region, and then consult the maps to get you where you are going.

You may also find the store locator to be helpful.

Shirt Map

The best way to deliver clothing from the factory to the importer would be to ship by vessel.  You can learn about boat schedules, customs brokerage, and other transportation issues relevant to the fashion industry in our Shipping & Transportation section.

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Shipping Industry B2B Directory

Learn about apparel and why it is import to find it from time to time.

Learn about freight issues:

  Air Cargo
  Ocean Freight Lines
  Ocean Freight Schedules
  Trucking Companies
  Rail Road Freight
  Freight Forwarder
  Warehouse Directory
  Freight Publications
  Shipping Industry Associations
  Tracking Packages
  Pallet Sizes
  Material Handling Equipment

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