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  Australian Wool Network: (Australia) Vertically integrated wool brokerage. Joint venture between Australian wool growers and global textile manufacturers. Market research and sales assistance. Link to Australian wool selling program.

  Bean & Bean Cotton Co: (USA) Raw cotton brokers. Buyers and forwarders of contract spot cotton. FAQ on cotton marketing. Comprehensive list of links to cotton related resources.

  Bremen Cotton Exchange: (Germany) International trading house for raw cotton, linters and waste from man-made fibers. Arbitration services, cotton seminars and laboratory testing of raw cotton. Two weekly trade reports. Links to spot prices and futures, events and the uses of the cotton plant. English and German.

  Central Cotton Co: (UK) Merchants of Central Asia grown raw cotton for the textile industry.

  DonJer Products Corp: USA. Suppliers of rayon flock fibers for industry and hobbyist. Links to color chart and price list. On-line ordering.

  Fibres Unlimited (Netherlands) is a European distributor and wholesale supplier of technical and high performance fibers, yarns, roving, tows and fabrics, serving the composite materials industry and a limitless range of structural reinforcement applications. Their product range comprises:
  • Aramid fibers
  • Basalt fibers, fire resistant fabric and geotextiles (basaltic volcanic rock filament)
  • Carbon fibers and super adsorption activated carbon fiber, cloth, felt and fabric
  •  UHMWPE / HPPE / HMPE fibers (i.e. ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene / high performance polyethylene / high modulus polyethylene)

  First American Cotton Co: USA. Merchants of raw cotton. Links to the New York Cotton Exchange, and local and world weather reports.

  Fraser Trading Co., Ltd: UK. Merchants in ex-factory fibers, yarns and chemicals. Acrylic, viscose and polyester staple fibers. Filament and ring spun yarns. Also, polypropylene, toluene, caprolactam and a range of additional polymers.

  Hohenberg Bros. Co: USA. Merchants of raw cotton. Calendar of market events. Links to cotton related sites, and global weather reports. Part of Cargill, Inc.

  Ina SA: Greece. Traders and agents for raw cotton and cotton wastes. Links to international cotton trading sites.
  Insersa SA: Peru. Growers, ginners and merchants of extra long staple and pima cotton. Also, cotton yarn spinning and garment manufacturing. Specifications of Peruvian cotton.

  ISOTEX: Isotex is one of the biggest yarn and fiber import and export company located in Turkey.  Their main items are Polyester spun yarn, Poly/viscose, 100% Viscose, Polyester Flat yarn, Polyester Texturized yarn.  They are importing these items from Indonesia, Tawian, Thailand and India.  They have two branch located Istanbul and Pakistan.  Address:  Ayti Plaza 4th Floor Osmangazi - Fomara  Bursa 90  Turkey  Phone: 00902242235655   Email:  isoteks@isoteks.com  Contact:  Mr. Refik CARIKCI

  • Wholesale Item # 1: yarn
  • Wholesale Item # 2: fiber
  • Wholesale Item # 3: Greige fabric

Clothing Industry Directory

  Jess Smith & Sons, Inc: USA. Merchants of raw cotton. Links to cotton related sites, weather reports, agricultural information and futures trading.

  Mambo Commodities Cotton Trading Co: France. International trading house for raw cotton. Market reports, comments and forecasts, and technical articles.

  Mhlmeier GmbH: (Germany) Wholesale of fibers, grinding media and welding equipment. fibers and fabrics for reinforcement applications, from glass, carbon, aramid, flax and varieties of hemp. Also, polyester resins, chemical additives and fillers. English and German.

  Peru Naturtex Partners: (Peru) Cultivation, processing and marketing of naturally colored cotton. Also, sourcing of cotton yarns, knitted and woven fabrics and garments.

  Plexus Cotton, Ltd: (UK) International trading house for raw cotton. On-line weekly market report. Link to archive of previous reports.

  Queensland Cotton Corp, Ltd: (Australia) Marketing and trading company for the cotton industry. Crop financing and consulting. fiber processing, baling, storage and trade. Links to the history of Australian grown cotton, cotton facts and FAQ.

  Texas Cotton Marketing Corp: USA. Raw cotton merchant of American grown cotton of all varieties. Link to the New York Cotton Exchange.

  Vreseis, Ltd: USA. Mail-order wholesale and retail of fibers, slivers, yarns, fabrics and socks, manufactured from natural colored cotton.

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