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In this section of the Apparel Search fashion wholesaler directory you will find distributors trimming and components that are used to manufacture clothing and fashion accessories.  From this section of our directory you will find distributors of fabric, hangers, buttons, zippers, thread, interlining, hook & eye snaps, closures, elastics, bra straps, eyelets, grommets, and other trim for producing clothes.  In addition, you will find wholesale machinery suppliers, store fixture distributors, mannequin wholesalers and more.

Applique & Heat Transfers Bra Components
Buttons Buyers Guide
fabric Fasteners
fibers Fur
Garment Bags Hangers
Interlining Lace
Leather Machinery
Mannequin / Forms Narrow fabrics
Packaging Security Tags
Sewing Needles Shoulder Pads
Store Fixture & Displays Thread
Trim & Notions Velcro
yarn Zippers

Learn more about some of the items listed above in our fashion industry terms section.  You can visit the Clothing Trimming Terms area for more details.

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