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  Bill Worb Furs: is one of the last great independent fur and leather houses in Canada, bringing the product of aboriginal and non-aboriginal trappers of northern Canada to world markets. A very large selection of raw and dressed wild fur pelts and leathers is in stock for immediate delivery.

  Fur Source: Real Fur Hats, Fur coats, and Fur Accessories . They also offer Sheepskin slippers, Fur Blankets, Fur Rugs, and Bear Skin Rugs.  They specialize in fur pelts and skins made from Canadian Fox, Rabbit, Coyote, Mink, & Beaver Fur.  Address:  Canada 

  Glenorchy Fur: Introduced to New Zealand from Australia in 1837 in the hope of creating a fur trade, The Brush tailed possum found the native bush and climate much to it's liking. There were no natural predators and the possum quickly multiplied.  One way to control possum numbers is to use the fur in garments.

  Groenewold Fur and Wool Company: Specializing in raw and dressed fur, leather, tibetian lamb, wool and other natural products used by manufacturers, Native American crafters, doll artisans, hobbyists and other tradesmen. They trade both foreign and domestic.

  OFRA Rauchwaren Wurker GmbH & Co. (Germany)   Their regular customers comprise furriers, manufacturers, merchants and the ladies
topwear industry from all over the world.

  Reliance Fur Corporation: new york city based wholesale supplier of world ranced raised fur pelts.  Suppling manufacturers world wide; for trimming and garment products.  Range of inventory in fox, mink, nutria, rabbit. natural and dyed and sheared . Sold as processed pelt. Also offerring finished products via their manufacturers.  Address:  161 west 29th street New York, New York 10001 USA Phone:  212 594 8234 or 212 594 8235  Fax: 212 967 3386 Email:  foxmenny@aol.com  Contact:  Gerald Seidman ; owner & pres

  • Wholesale Item # 1: ranced blue fox natural
  • Wholesale Item # 2: ranced blue fox dyed
  • Wholesale Item # 3: ranced shadow fox natural
  • Wholesale Item # 4: ranced shadow fox dyed
  • Wholesale Item # 5: ranched silver fox natural
  • Wholesale Item # 6: ranced siler fox dyed
  • Wholesale Item # 7: ranced bluefrost fox natural

This Wholesale Directory is for the Apparel Industry only.  This is not for individuals looking to purchase Fur or Pelts at wholesale prices.  The Apparel Search Wholesaler database is comprised of apparel companies that sell wholesale clothing and related fashion industry products to retailers.

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