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  Adrienne Landau: comprehensive collection of capes, stoles and furs. The collection also includes a diverse variety of cashmere and silk stoles, fur accessories and dramatic evening coats detailed with embroidery and semi precious stones.

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  Belldini Belldini has been designing women's fashion pieces since the early 1980's. From the early days Belldini as a company has been dedicated to creating new and exciting clothing for beautiful women. Belldini has gradually expanded from its origins as a specialty producer of Angora sweaters to a full line of women's apparel with an eye on constant improvement. Their line features an array of novelty sweaters, twin sets, special occasion suits and dresses, modern suits, and as always, angora sweaters and coats. To provide today's woman with the finest clothes possible, Belldini thoroughly researches and tests the designs, fabrics, and accessories that go into each garment. Belldini maintains a track record of over 80% sales on originally marked prices at major department stores. Their line is also carried in over 2,000 specialty stores and boutiques world wide.

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  Donna Salyers' Fabulous Furs  (fake fur / faux fur) Welcome to Donna Salyers Fabulous-Furs' Wholesale division ..where a world of fabulous, fun, beautiful products are available to you at discounted, wholesale prices! They invite your retail store, design studio, showroom or business to join Donna Salyers' Fabulous-Furs' wholesale division and share in the excitement of offering a luxurious, unique line of products to your customers. The opportunity to provide a wonderful line of faux fur styles, products and fabrics awaits you.

  Fur Hat World :  Fur Hat World is owned and operated by Fur Source Canada, an established Canadian wholesale fur company that specializes in high quality Northern Canada Fur products. FurHatWorld.com was established as a division of Fur Source Canada with the goal to specialize in and provide Wholesale Direct sales of the large selection of fur hats available from Fur Source Canada. These hats and accessories are shipped directly from the manufacturing factory to their customers.  Canada is known to have some of the coldest winters of any country in the world. As you may know, the further north, the better quality of the fur, simply because of the cold weather conditions. Almost all of their fur is sourced from northern Canada and as a result they are able to offer fur hats with very thick, dense, beautiful fur that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

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  I-Fur.com they offer only top-quality, finely tailored wild and ranched Canadian furs.  Men's Fur hats, Women's fur hats, fur coats for men and women, fur rugs, fur throws, buffalo robes, sheepskin and much more.

  Moonbat Moonbat Co., Ltd.. The Group's principal activity is to wholesale furs, jewelry and haberdashery. Accessories include umbrellas, parasols, raincoats, scarves and mufflers. Clothing and jewels include furs coats and jumpers

  Zukiu: Zuki has long been considered the iconoclast of the fur industry. Feeling stifled by traditional design and technique, he has always approached fur as a medium for artistic expression. His methods, treatments and techniques continue to extend the conventional boundaries of design. For Zuki, color is a driving force. He is renowned as the inventor of "intarsia"; that is, the technique of using inserts of sheared beaver, dyed in a myriad of colors to form designs and motifs. Zuki's intarsia pieces are celebrated works of art, and are often collected as such. His unique approach extends far beyond sheared beaver to mink, sable, chinchilla, broadtail, a variety of lambs, Donkali, fox and fur-trimmed coats of precious fabrics. Knit furs are a special passion of Zuki's; cosy, supple, luxurious.

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