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In case you are curious, faux fur (fake fur) looks very similar to real fur.  Might be a good option to consider.

Donna Salyers' Fabulous Furs (fake fur / faux fur): Donna Salyers, President and founder of Fabulous-Furs, explains how it all began . . . Inspiration for Fabulous-Furs came over a decade ago when I was on my way to purchase a mink coat. On my car radio, Paul Harvey described kittens being skinned to become mink teddy bears. Instead of buying a coat that day, I was inspired to create a luxurious alternative. Not in my wildest dreams did I imagine that Fabulous-Furs would evolve into fine ready-to-wear, attracting a clientele of high-profile, internationally recognized celebrities. As a real-life Cinderella, it's fabulous to see our guilt-free products in movies, on TV and Broadway. It's gratifying to know that our products, in providing a luxurious alternative to real animal fur, bring joy to people all over the world, and at the same time, make unnecessary the destruction of countless animals.

Fur & Luxury Center You will find some of the most famous luxury furs, shearlings, leather, specialty outerwear, handbag and accessories plus home decor brands, in their extensive online catalogue or in a "brick and mortar" store near you.  Many of their family owned and operated stores are internationally renowned and have been pillars of their respective communities for two, three and four generations. Your local specialty fur, shearlings, luxury outerwear, home decor or handbag and accessories retailer takes pride in catering to you.  They are one of the finest and largest groups of independent luxury retailers, throughout the United States, Canada and growing internationally.

Henig Fur & Leathers: Whether your tastes are traditional or contemporary, Henig Furs and Leathers has a style for you. They have been producing fine quality furs and leathers for four generations. As the largest furrier in the Southeast, and one of the largest in the United States, they offer a wide selection of furs; from fashionable mink, beaver and fox to the very finest Canadian and Russian lynx, chinchilla and Russian sable.  Mike Henig follows his father, John Henig, as CEO and President of the company. Fur manufacturing is a Henig tradition that began with his great-grandfather in Europe and continued when Mike's grandfather immigrated to New York City.  This tradition continued through the third generation with John Henig.

Henry Cowit, Inc. / Madison Avenue Furs, LTD. in New York City's Fur District is a multifaceted, third generation family business where anything you want in fur is there; your Fur Supermarket and one stop shopping for all of your fur needs.. They are the largest Fur matchers in the USA and possibly the World. This was their original business based on three generations of experience. They have been supplying matching fur material for repairs and remodels for retailers across the country for well over 75 years. They have a huge inventory of skins, stripes and parts for all your matching needs. Selling pre-owned and vintage furs is their area of expertise but they also sell and custom design new fur garments. They are selling a full line of new fur accessories including fur vests, fur hats, fur headbands, fur ear muffs, fur scarves, fur boas, and fur ponchos.

Jessica Wilde:  Jessica Wilde is a manufacturer and retailer of fine furs. The collections include mink, fox, and rabbit furs, as well as sheepskin and shearlings. Jessica Wilde offers numerous different styles of outerwear including accessories such as hats,  glove and scarfs. All of their products are produced in Brooklyn, NY at their manufacturing facility.   Address: Jessica Wilde Service Center 179 Bayyard Street  Brooklyn, NY 11222 Phone: 1-800-377-9001 Fax: N/a  E-mail: brianne@etlgroup.com  Contact Name: Brianne Wargo

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