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Fake fur, fun fur, or faux fur is any material designed to resemble fur, normally as part of a piece of clothing and is internationally recognized as the 'animal friendly' approach to furfashion. Faux fur has received praise and recognition from a string of animal rights and welfare organizations and has inspired many notable individuals including Natalie Portman and high-fashion design labels such as Ralph Lauren and Marc Bouwer to promote the use of animal friendly products in their collections.

Prominence of faux fur

It is also used in purses, bags, and many other objects. Typically it is made of synthetic fibers. It does not require animal products and often costs less than its counterpart. However, it has a few disadvantages compared to fur: it does not hold in as much warmth as true fur and may shed. Currently, there are no synthetic materials that have been able to keep snow from melting and re-freezing on the fur's fiber filaments; this is very important especially in hiking, mountain climbing, skiing and other outdoor activities which are done in extreme conditions.

Not all fake fur is used in clothing. Faux fur is very commonly used to make toys (especially teddy bears and other stuffed animals) and home decorations like pillows. It is also sometimes used for craft projects because it can be sewn on a sewing machine (real fur is generally better quality but requires a special machine or hand sewing; also, an awl may be required to sew it).

Lately, there have been many uses of this brand of fur in main stream teen fashion. The stores Abercrombie and Fitch, and American Eagle both use this in their clothing such as in their Trapper Hats and Sweaters.

Eco-friendly advantages

The introduction and rising popularity of faux fur is in sole promotion of animal rights, offered as an animal-friendly alternative to real fur, a process in which animals including Mink, Fox, Rabbit, Bear, Chinchilla and often Domestic Cat and dog are raised for fur, often killed using methods considered cruel and inhumane by animal lovers and environmental activists such as PETA, Natalie Portman, Pamela Anderson and Tyra Banks.

Learn some reasons why to use fake fur in fashion at the PETA website.

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