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Clothing Wholesale Directory  Military Surplus Retail The military surplus sold by California Army Navy is authentic equipment used by the troops.  They source this material through sales by US government and military agencies

  GearZone Products - Gear Zone Products suppliers of High Quality Tactical Gear and Equipment for the Law Enforcement and Military Community including 5.11 Tactical, WileyX eyewear, ESS Goggles, Tactical Assault Gear, Blackhawk, Night Ops Illumination Tools, Paraclete and Paca Body Armour. Military, Law Enforcement and volume discounts available.

  Silver Star Surplus: Straight from the base to you, Silver Star Surplus deals in retail and wholesale lots of authentic US military surplus items. A trusted supplier for US and UK surplus stores and the Hollywood film industry. Wholesale BDU's, GoreTex, All-Weather Uniforms. 

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  Waterfront Grading Company: has established itself as one of America's leading exporters of quality vintage clothing.   They also design and manufacture a new line of clothing with a vintage flavor.  Address:  7826 Clybourn Street  Sun Valley, California USA 91352  Phone:  818-504-6696 Fax:  818-504-6388  Email:   Contact: Xavier Robert, Owner

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