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fashion directory  Appalachian Military Surplus  They offer a wide variety of military surplus items including ACU Modern Army Uniform, MREs, 5.11 tactical gear, footwear, items from Blackhawk and first aid kits.

fashion directory  Army Navy Sales: Military Surplus, Army Surplus, Army Navy & USMC Surplus items at Discount Prices from Army Navy Sales. They are thrilled to offer you a wide variety of United States military surplus products from their online army navy military surplus store. The U.S. Military offers some of the most unique and useful surplus items from the army, navy, and Marine Corps ( USMC ). Although their online Army Navy store specializes in mostly US Military items, they also have a selection of a wide selection of interesting surplus product from other countries.

fashion directory  Army Surplus for Less: they carry many items for survival and emergency needs, such as, flashlights, signal kits, freeze dried foods, 1st aid kits, wool blankets, cots, clothing, etc.

fashion directory  Army Surplus Warehouse one of the largest Army Surplus stores. They carry military surplus, camouflage clothing, hunting supplies, camping gear, survival items, hiking equipment, govt. issue boots, and outdoor equipment. Genuine Government surplus, hardware, and tools are sold here along with vehicle parts. They are constantly adding new items to their site to give you one of the largest selections to choose from.

fashion directory  Silver Star Surplus: Straight from the base to you, Silver Star Surplus deals in retail and wholesale lots of authentic US military surplus items. A trusted supplier for US and UK surplus stores and the Hollywood film industry. Wholesale BDU's, GoreTex, All-Weather Uniforms. 

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If you are looking for additional Military Clothing resources, you are welcome to search the Amazon database.  They list clothing by category, brand name or price range for your convenience.  The clothing on their site may not actually be actual military surplus, but they do have a selection of military style clothing.

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