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  E-Leather: Leather garments, men leathers, woman leathers, wholesale, agents.  Address: 4 Prigiponison str Athens Greece 14231 Phone:  30010 2718104 or 30010 2751099  Fax:  30010 2718104 Email:  Contact:  Dimitris Negoglou

  • Gender:  Men's and Women's
  • Wholesale Item # 1: Mens jackets
  • Wholesale Item # 2: Women jackets
  • Wholesale Item # 3: Cabardines
  • Wholesale Item # 4: Pants
  • Wholesale Item # 5: Shirts
  • Wholesale Item # 6: Motorcycle leathers
  • Wholesale Item # 7: Fashion leathers

  Fashion Express (Greece): offering a new service to their customers of online downloadable pattern collections for Home Sewing. Their customers will be able to select their patterns among a Collection of trendy Sewing Patterns with excellent fit. Each Sewing Pattern selected can be printed on a regular A4 home printer.  The patterns are based on international fashion trends and they are influenced by these color suggestions. They also come with alternative color scheme advice to help customers decide for a more individual creation.  tel. + 30 2310 25 15 10 fax.+30 2310 25 15 11 3 Stefanou Tatti Str 546 22 Thessanolini Greece

  • Patterns for Home Sewing

  HORTEX is a German-Greek trade house, located in Northern Greece. They are active as agents for all pre-owned textile-machinery in Greece.  They can offer all available machinery and organize the loading requirements, dismantling and shipping.  Address:  P.O. BOX 172 Thessaloniki  57019  Greece Phone:  003039225493  Fax:   003039228358  Email: 

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  iffel" Anastasios Vel. Tzortzis: a Greek manufacture company that is specialized in the design and production of women's clothes ( t-shirts , tops , blouses , sweaters , upperwear ). Their samples attach a large spectrum of ages beginning with women from 20 to 70 years old. They use a wide variety of different fabrics in combination with embroideries , modern accessories and printings. They sell all over Europe and in some cases in the U.S.A and some other countries. They have an experience of 30+ years and they continue to design clothes that follow the last mode influences. Address: Arkadiou 2 Oreokastro-Thessaloniki 57013 Greece hone: +3 0310 694420 or 938 717355 ax: +3 0310 694420 mail:  Contact: Anastasios Tzortzis - Director

  • Gender: Women's

  • Manufacturer Item # 1: blouses

  • Manufacturer Item # 2: t-shirts

  • Manufacturer Item # 3: upperwear

  • Manufacturer Item # 4: sweaters

  I. Ziros S.A.: makes underwear, homewear, swimsuits, beachwear, and lingerie under the labels Yiannis Ziros, Serpente, and Undercotton.  Address:  Kifissou 40 & Lefkosias Str. Peristeri  121 33
Greece  Phone: 30-1-5765510 or 30-1-5765622, 5765623  Fax: 30-1-5737942, 5765220 Email:   Contact:  Leonardo Mamas Manager of I.S.

  • Gender:  Men's and Women's
  • Manufacturer Item # 1: Underwear
  • Manufacturer Item # 2: Homewear
  • Manufacturer Item # 3: Swimsuits
  • Manufacturer Item # 4: Beachwear
  • Manufacturer Item # 5: Lingerie

  Just4Kids Trade Fair, Athens-Greece Just 4 Kids is the only trade exhibition taking place in Greece specialising in children. Aiming to address the needs of the Greek market, Just 4 Kids is organised twice a year (in February and September), bringing together Greek and foreign fashion houses for children's wear. With its biannual presence, it successfully features the latest lines in children's wear for the Autumn-Winter & Spring-Summer seasons.   Eυτυχία Δεσύπρη Small+ Κυρηνείας 44 - Παπάγου 156 69 - Αθήνα τηλ: 210 6561400 email: 

  • Greece Fashion Exhibit

  • Children's Clothing Exhibit (trade show)

  Knitwear Factory Maxim C.M. Pertsinidis S.A.: is a Greek manufacturer of machines used in the textile industry. The Company's activities are divided into two segments: production of fabrics and machine manufacture. The production of fabrics includes knitting, dyeing, printing and finishing, processed in the Company's facilities that have a productivity of 40,000 kilograms per day. Its machines manufacturing unit offers such machines as Hercules, an overflow dyeing machine; Alexander soft flow, a low pressure dyeing machine; Pithagoras H.T. and Aristotelis H.T, high temperature dyeing machines, and finishing machines Hermes and Acropolis. The Company also offers after sale services and distributes its products via a global sales network. It is headquartered in Thessaloniki, Greece.

Location: 18th Klm Thessaloniki-Serres National Road P.O. Box 19548 Drymos, Thessaloniki, 540 12 Greece +30-23-94072102 (Phone) +30-23-94072108 (Fax)

  "MONA" Knittede Garments:  founded in 1967 by Petros Theodoridis who still heads the company today,  "MONA" S.A. has become a highly successful manufacturer and exporter of young fashion and sports wear knitted garments  The production plant stands in approximately 6.000 sq.m of grounds and includes dpt of 18 knit machines. "MONA" employs some 150 highly and trained personnel that produce a production output of 300.000 garments per month.   Address:  31, Kristalli Str. Thessaloniki 565 32 Greece  Phone:  30 31 621621 or 30 31 617252 Fax:  30 31 617334 Email:  Contact:  Michael Papandronis: export manager

  • Manufacturer Item # 1: knitted fabrics

  • Manufacturer Item # 2: young fashion garments

  Nuova Moda: Men Suits, pants, shirts, wholesale, export.  All the fabrics are from the most popular factories around the world. Hight quality and very good work. Address: 4 Prigiponison str Athens 14234  Greece Phone: 30010 2718104-2751099 or 30010 2751099 Fax:  30010 2718104
Email: Contact:  Dimitris Negoglou

  • Wholesale Item # 1: Mens Suits

  • Wholesale Item # 2: Jackets

  • Wholesale Item # 3: Cabardines

  • Wholesale Item # 4: Pants

  • Wholesale Item # 5: Shirts

  • Wholesale Item # 6: Clasic Suits-Pants

  • Wholesale Item # 7: Fashion leathers

  Rollini: Fashion retailer with points of sales throughout Greece and Cyprus

  Sachet-Dounis: they are one of the leading fabric packaging manufacturers in the country, supplying the jewelry, cosmetics, food, clothing retail markets with their patented designs or specially made designs.  They also produce garment bags.  They have the know how and experience to complete any order.  Address:  Roidi 22 - Peristeri Athens 12131 Greece  Phone:  301 5773501  Fax: 301 5773501  Email:  Contact:  Dimitrios Dounis - sales manager

  • Manufacturer Item # 1: pouches in flocked fabric, imitation leather and non woven

  • Manufacturer Item # 2: garment bags in non woven fabric

  • Manufacturer Item # 3: shopping bags in non woven fabric

  • Manufacturer Item # 4: advertising bags in non woven

  • Manufacturer Item # 5: all kinds of fabric packaging made to order

fashion directory  Skandinavik Fur (Greece): They are third generation furriers located in Siatista.  Siatista situated at an altitude of 1200 m at the NW of Greece is a town of 7000 habitats, where 90% of the population is involved in the fur making industry. Starting from animal farming and going all the way to ready to wear fur coats. All types of fur are handled, like mink, fox, lynx, beaver, Persian lamb, raccoon, marten, squirrel, sable, chinchilla and so much more. A living art, constantly evolving, that not only follows trends but creates new ones as well.  Their artisans have inherited their knowhow from their grandfathers and fathers. Fur making is a sophisticated art that utilizes every part of a fur pelt in numerous combinations and techniques. The result is masterpieces of unique and rare beauty, Their tools are simple and some of them have remained the same since the 18th century when the art of fur started in their area. Their artisans rely on their skills and experience, which is what matters most in a product that is demanding and requires skilled hands, endless hours of manual labor, sharp eyes and a sense of good taste and imagination. At the same time, they are adapting and using the modern machinery and tools that the fur industry offers in order to come out with high-quality fur garments.  Address: 28th October St. 23 / Siatista 50300 Greece Phone: 1-888-403-8756 E-mail: Contact: Efthymios Zagkountinos

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