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Budapest China Mart (Budapest, Hungary) BCM is a modern trade center with 25.000 m2 of business space area which is located in the commercially developed region of Budapest the capital city of Hungary which is a European Union member. It has been built with advanced technologies and has all the social and commercial facilities needed in a trade center. ITC 'stanbul Trade Center which is hlas group company has 8.000 m2 of business space area in BCM. This trade center which is built in the reliable, stable, liberal and lively market of the European Union and with its technology, quality of construction, comfort, modern design, commercial and social units is a perfect commercial complex which can serve not only Hungary but also those countries which are neighboring Hungary.   Ready to wear, underwear, leather confectionary, furs, shoes, bags, jewelry, watches, spectacles and all sorts of accessories. Tricot, socks, sportswear, jeans, sports products, home textiles, towels and gift items. Home and bureau furniture, bathroom and kitchen cupboards, timber and illuminating products, carpets rugs blankets, fabrics, yarns, beds, textile and confectionary machinery, textile and leather chemicals. If your business is textile and sectors compatible to textile and you would like to attain new clients in the European Community and Eastern European countries, then, lease right now from the Trade Center in Budapest.

  Nanny Kft: they sell shoes of the latest fashion on middle & low price for young women and men. They have 3 shops in Budapest, Hungary. Address: Garamv
lgyi u. 27. Budapest 1029 Hungary  Phone: +361-3988211 or +361-3988211 Fax: +361-274-6003  Email:  Contact: Greta Schmitt / owner

  • Gender: men's women's
  • Store Type: Shoe Store
  • Retail Category: Regional Chain

  Nara Szalon  (Hungary) fashion designer

Ocean Ltd: Established in 1988, their company is producing high-quality swimwears and fitness suits.

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