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  Mation Korea: manufacturer and distributor of children's footwear.

  Meitex  Co., Ltd.: manufacturer of socks and tights.  Address:  93-10, Nonhyun-Dong, Kangnam-Gu Seoul Korea, Rep.  82.2.544.0433  Fax:   82.2.544.0433  Email:   SSY5@CHOLLIAN.COM   Contact:   S.M. Shin / President

  • Manufacturer Item # 1: Children socks
  • Manufacturer Item # 2: Ladies socks
  • Manufacturer Item # 3: Men's socks
  • Manufacturer Item # 4: Babies socks
  • Manufacturer Item # 5: Children tights
  • Manufacturer Item # 6: Ladies tights
  • Manufacturer Item # 7: Babies tights

  Modern-tex Co., Ltd.: Manufacturer Metallic yarn.  M, MX, MH, MHS and ST types available.  New World Fibre Co., Ltd. / China, Metallic yarn manufacturer, invested by Korean company ( Modern-tex's share holders )  Address: 1061-5, Egok-dong, Dalseo-gu,  Daegu  South Korea 704 929  Phone: 82.53.592.1251  Fax: +82.53.592.1255  Email: sales@modern-tex.com  Contact: C. E. Lee / Manager 

  NCK Korea: has been established in 1991 between Korea as Head office and Indonesia as only manufacturing company.  To be supplied of raw material with related accessories in Korea, where having the high quality and to be only produced in Indonesia, where probably have the reasonable price.  Also have got branch in Singapore and Hong Kong for Global Marketing. Address:  222-7,Guro-Dong, Guro-Ku Seoul 152-848 S.Korea  Phone:  82-2-869-3801 or  82-2-869-3802  Fax:  82-2-869-7880 Email: ynson@nckkorea.com  Contact: Mrs.Soojin Yoon

  • Manufacturer Item # 1: Motor Cycle Wear
  • Manufacturer Item # 2: Skiwear
  • Manufacturer Item # 3: Rainwear
  • Manufacturer Item # 4: Down Jackets

  NYK Zipper: produces various kinds of zippers and sliders, including dial lock slider for travel bag and camping tent.

  Pacific Zipper Co.,Ltd.: plastic, polyester, and metal zippers and sliders.  Pacific Zipper Co.,Ltd. is now the largest zipper manufacturer in Republic of Korea with an offshore unit in Bangladesh.  Established in 1980.  This is a ISO-9002 & OKOTEX Certified company.  All zippers are AZO-FREE. Manufacturing nickle free, low-lead (non-toxic), non-magnetic, safety lock plastic zipper for childrenwear (KOB/tOP-COP)  Brand: HHH   Approved by: Many USA and European apparel buyers.  Address:  Pacific Building 7th floor, 236-3, Nung-Dong,Kwangjin-gu  Seoul 143-180  Republic of Korea  Phone:  82234371300  Fax:  82234370057  Email:  hhhzipbd@citechco.net   Contact:  M.M.Amin

  • Manufacturer Item # 1: Plastic / delrin zipper

  • Manufacturer Item # 2: Polyester/coil zipper

  • Manufacturer Item # 3: Brass zipper

  • Manufacturer Item # 4: Aluminum zipper

  • Manufacturer Item # 5: Nickel zipper

  • Manufacturer Item # 6: Slider

  • Manufacturer Item # 7: Pre-formed brass zipper for jeanswear

  Panko Corp.: Panko is Korea`s outstanding exporting company.  100% of all products sent to Japan, world`s most difficult and up-to-date fashion-oriented country.  Their main factory locates in Shandung province, China.  Address:  Seungwon b/d. 416-5 Jangan 1dong, Dongdaemoon-gu Seoul 130-101 Korea  Phone: 82-2-2243-2431 or 82-2-2246-3003 Fax:  82-2-2216-1365 Email: kimkonbe@panko.co.kr  , kimkonbe@hotmail.com  Contact: Konbe, Kim & Deputy director

  • Manufacturer Item # 1: cotton spandex single tee

  • Manufacturer Item # 2: jacquard tee shirt

  • Manufacturer Item # 3: french terry wears

  • Manufacturer Item # 4: fleece terry tee shirt

  • Manufacturer Item # 5: double knitted wears

  Pros Korea Corporation: Reflective fabric was used as cloth for garbage man, safety person, policeman, on the highway , at nighttime work locations and fireman as functional material but now it is used in club wear to shoes, bag and accessory in young casual as fashion material. Seam sealing tapes ( Hot melt tape )  This tapes are designed to seal at sewn seams for waterproof and is also formulated to achieve the strongest possible bond on various materials to be welded as well as to provide a durable waterproof sewn seam.  Address:  Wonbulkyo BLDG. #309, 1-3, Hukseok-Dong, Dongjak-Gu  Seoul 156-070 Korea Phone: 82-2-3280-5331  Fax: 82-2-812-2621 Email:  prosko@unitel.co.kr  Contact: Jack, Bang / President

  • Manufacturer Item # 1: Reflective tape

  • Manufacturer Item # 2: Reflective fabric under EN471

  • Manufacturer Item # 3: Heat trasnfer reflective tape

  • Manufacturer Item # 4: PVC reflective tape

  • Manufacturer Item # 5: Seam sealing tape

  • Manufacturer Item # 6: Reflective safety vest under EN471

  • Manufacturer Item # 7: Reflective PVC Band

  Saehan was established in 1972 with the capital and technology of Cheil Synthetic fiber Inc., which was an affiliated company of Samsung. Since then, Saehan has been a leading company in the domestic synthetic and chemical fiber industry for more than 3 decades. Saehan specifically focused its resources in manufacturing high valued added products. Saehan has imported collective manufacturing systems, which connected the textile business unit from the Gyungsan plant with the polyester staple fiber (PSF) processing line from the Gumi plant.

  • Polyester fiber

  Sam Yeung Company: manufacturing and selling shell buttons.

  Samai Industrial Co., Ltd.: manufacturer and exporter of leather clothing including double face products.

  SBW Limited: they are the biggest underwear manufacturer in Korea, producing all kinds of underwear made of mainly 100% cotton by integrated works with the latest production facilities.  Since 1963, they have produced and exported cotton Underwear, T-shirts, ladies' lingerie & socks for all ages, and occupied almost 30% in Korean domestic underwear market shares with annual sales volume of U$213 million in 2000.  They are operating main factory in Korea with full facilities from spinning to sewing in one compound and have same scale facilities in China, too, and their production capacity is more than 100 million pieces a year.  Their major overseas markets are Japan, U.S., Italy & Middle East Countries including African countries, and they are enjoying high reputations from their customers supplying them with the best quality goods in competitive price.  Address:  49-4, Nonhyun-dong, Kangnam-ku  Seoul  135-010  Korea, Republic of  Phone: +82-2-3485-6356 or  +82-2-3485-6357  Fax: +82-2-546-6861  Email: sbwtd2@sbw.co.kr   Contact:  Taehoon Kim / Deputy General Manager, Export TeamWebsites:  www.sbw.co.kr  shopping mall: www.mytry.co.kr  In English:   www.ec21.com/sbwtrad 

  • Manufacturer Item # 1: Undershirts / vest
  • Manufacturer Item # 2: biref / panties / boxer
  • Manufacturer Item # 3: T-shirts
  • Manufacturer Item # 4: ladies' lingerie
  • Manufacturer Item # 5: socks for all
  • Manufacturer Item # 6: knitted fabrics

  Sechang Corporation: manufacturer of machinery spare parts.  Address:  #110/1506, myungkokmirraevil, hwawon-up, dalsung-gun, Taegu, Korea 711-830  Phone: 82-53-6441655  F ax: 82-53-6441895  Email: sechang5@netsgo.com   Contact: Seyong Oh/president

  • Manufacturer Item # 1: knitting needles for circular, flat bed, raschel, glove & socks knitting machines
  • Manufacturer Item # 2: spare parts for Shima Seiki glove knitting machine
  • Manufacturer Item # 3: spare parts for Tsudakoma, Nissan water jet loom
  • Manufacturer Item # 4: spare parts for textile machine

  Seisan Textile Ltd.: manufacturer and exporter of fabrics from Korea. They specialize in micro fabrics (N/p, P/p, P/nP) , Mixed fabrics (N/c, N/p, C/n, C/p
), Nylon fabrics, Polyester fabrics. Phone # 82 2 565 4037 Fax # 82 2 539 6177 E-mail: seisan@unitel.co.kr

  Seong An co., Ltd (Startex): one of the leading textile manufacturer and exporter in Korea who has specialized in various type of polyester & blended woven fabrics, knitted fabrics, particularly stretch fabrics. As a world-wide brand name of Seong An, since 1953, STARTEX and SOFSIL, has been motivated by constant research and development, which has made them today top ranking supplier of polyester fabrics in Korea. They have been continuously installing sophisticated & latest equipments for the best products. They have a yarn factory as a sister company - Seong An Synthetics, since 1999 which makes very delicate and elegant yarn, 5 weaving mills with latest looms and 3 dying mills. Namely, they have all the facilities of yarn making - weaving - dying - packing in series for the fabrics as final product. They also have so strict inspection system for each process that they can control quality To produce various kinds of fabrics. Especially they are investing more and more in research and development to make 'something new and new'.  Their brands Startex & Sofsil are the symbol of excellent quality.

  Seong Am T&G Co. Ltd.
Address:   RE 37-2 NamGwang B/d 4TH FL Bang Iee Dong SongPa Gu, Seoul  138-050 Korea  Phone:   82-2-3431-3083   Fax:   82-2-3431-3389 Email:  alovaa@kornet.net  Contact:  Busy Yim (Manager)

  • Manufacturer Item # 1: MEN'S KNIT SHIRTS

  • Manufacturer Item # 2: WOMEN'S KNIT SHIRTS

  • Manufacturer Item # 3: MEN'S WOVEN SHIRTS

  • Manufacturer Item # 4: WOMEN'S BLOUSE


  • Manufacturer Item # 6: MEN'S & WOMEN'S POLAR FLEECE VEST,JACKET

  Sepo International:  Zipper manufacturer.  They are confident of becoming the leading zipper producer of the 21st century with the neo trend zipper, accumulated knowledge for fashionable zippers. Address: No.802, Sesin Green Core Bldg, 695, Deung-3 Dong ,Kang Seo-Gu, Seoul, Korea TEL: 82 -2-3665-9817 FAX: 82- 2-3665-9819 Mobile No:82-11-9366-9817

  Shinsung Tongsang Co., Ltd. started out as a manufacturer and exporter of knit shirts in January, 1968. And for the past 36 years, Shinsung Tongsang has been active in the manufacturing and export of textile goods.  Subsequent to the launching of its first casual apparel brand UNIONBAY in August, 1990, Shinsung Tongsang has been successful in the introduction of Olzen, ZioZia and Polham to the domestic apparel market, solidifying its ground as a key player in the fashion arena.  Outside of the fashion business, Shinsung Tongsang entered into the retailing business at it opened RICHMART, mass merchant discount store, in August, 1997.

  Skytex: Korea based manufacturer / trader of textile fabrics.  They carry a variety of knit fabrics, such as single/double Jersey, Interlock, tricot-matt-jersey, lycra, single spandex(Poly+Nylon), Raschel Lace+JQD knits, P/u coated fabrics, Embroidery items (Computer+Machine), velvets, velouer in various colors and weights, printing with glitter and dyeing.  They are willing to send any of samples listed upon your request.  Address:  42-17 Hwayang-Gong, Kwangjin-Ku, Seoul, Phone:  822-497-2133 Fax:  822-497-2135  Email:   Skytex@ecplaza.net  Contact:   Terry Kim / Director

  • Wholesale Item # 1:  Poly Spandex

  • Wholesale Item # 2:  Nylon

  • Wholesale Item # 3:  Raschel Lace

  • Wholesale Item # 4:  Jaquard

  • Wholesale Item # 5:  Embroidery in Spangle

  • Wholesale Item # 6: Interlock

  • Wholesale Item # 7:  Printed

  Spinning & Weavers Association of Korea: represents the interests of the Korean cotton textile industry.

  Sung Chang Textile Machine Company Ltd. (SCM) Korea: all types of knitting machines equipped with different functions will enable you to produce various goods such as stuffed toys, clothing, the inner layer of jacket, blankets, etc.

  • Pile Knitting Machinery
  • Plush Knitting Machinery
  • Circular Knit Machinery
  • Jacquard Knitting Machines

  Sungboo Trading (Korea): manufacturer of gloves, scarves and hats

  Sun Jin Corporation: They are specialized manufacturer of tagging tools.  With long experience & high technology, they are at high quality and reasonable price.  Also, their products are in good reputation worldwide.  They are manufacturer tools such as tagging gun, tag pin, loop lock, hook pin, shoe gun, needle for tagging gun and lint remover.  Address:  2f. #955-7. Shinjung 4 Dong Yanhchun Ku, Seoul 158 859  Korea South  Phone:  82 2 697 3966  Fax:   82 2 693 4448  Email:  sunjin@primetag.com 
Contact:  C.S. Kim & president

  • Manufacturer Item # 1:  tagging gun

  • Manufacturer Item # 2:  tag pin

  • Manufacturer Item # 3: tag gun

  • Manufacturer Item # 4: needle for tag gun

  • Manufacturer Item # 5: shoe gun

  • Manufacturer Item # 6: shoe gun needle

  • Manufacturer Item # 7: lint remover

  Sungjin Industrial Co.,Ltd.: They have developed Helad Frame & Dobby related parts with our own brand "Sun Star" since 1989.  Their products have been supplied to major weaving machine manufacturers in Korea and got good reputation with high quality & competitive prices.  They are looking for a reliable distributor around the world.  Addrress:  #102-1208 Yoonsung 3rd,Apryang,  Kyungsan,Kyung-buk   712-820  R.O.Korea  Phone:   +82-53-8542006  Fax:   +82-53-8542005  Email:  ladoin@korcars.co.kr  Contact: Mr.Heeya Sohn/overseas Marketing Director

  • Manufacturer Item # 1: Heald Frame for Jet Looms

  • Manufacturer Item # 2: Dobby related parts

  Sungmin Enterprise: textile printing, specializing in silk and polyester fabrics, for major label apparel lines.

  Sun's Trading Company Ltd. (Korea): supplier of heat transfers.  They are the first in Korea to manufacture iron-on items such as rhinestones, rhinestude and studs. We also offer patterns and trims. 

  UMO Knitcap: offers knitted products including caps, polar fleece, headbands, mufflers and gloves, and sports caps.

  Wecare ltd: Their company is one of the manufacturers and exporters of "METALLIC yarn MACHINERY" sets in Korea.  The main machinery sets they develop and manufacture are Metallic coating M/c, Rewinding Slitter, Micro Slitter, and Winding M/c. Address: 467-24,Dokon-Dong, Kangnam-Ku, Seoul 135-270  Korea Phone:   82-2-34621933 Fax:   82-2-34621934 Email: wecare77@hanmail.net  Contact:   Tony Kim/ Director

1)  For metallic yarn-making machinery

  • Coating Machine  --  to coat any metallic colors on poly films(510mm, 1020mm)
  • Rewinding Slitter  --  to slit the coated poly films into several equal parts(6parts)
  • Micro Slitter  --  to finely slit each part, suitable for actual weaving threads(1/69", 1/110")
  • Winding Machine  --  to wind the fine thread on each bobbin(450, 504)

2) For Accessories Parts ind. Raw Poly Film/coated Metallic Film (yarn, Powder, Spangle uses)

3)  Usages: Knitting(Sweater), Twisting(Spinning), Embroidery, Lace, Trimmings,
          Inner Gimp Decoration, Packing Industry, Toys, Accessories, Hosiery etc...

  • Manufacturer Item # 1: machinery
  • Manufacturer Item # 2: metallic yarn
  • Manufacturer Item # 3: slitter
  • Manufacturer Item # 4: winder
  • Manufacturer Item # 5: micro slitter
  • Manufacturer Item # 6: rewinding slitter
  • Manufacturer Item # 7: coating

  Woo Young Co., Ltd.: manufacturer of women's apparel.

  The World Company: neckwear manufacturer.

1. 100% Polyester printed necktie & tie fabric
2. 100% Silk printed necktie & tie fabric
3. 100% Polyester woven necktie
4. 100% Silk woven necktie
5. 100% Polyester printed scarf
6. 100% Silk printed scarf
7. Special ties of which buyer's asking

  X-shirts: They are a company that imports and sell T-shirts in Korea. They carry T-shirts & Sweatshirts.  They pursue EXTREME SPORTS/lIFE and they look for shirts related about it. They buy such as Billabong, Stussy, Mossimo, Ocean Pacific, Rusty...and other brands that persue similar concept. 
Address:  Kyunggi Sung-Nam Bun-Dang  Bun-Dang Dong 161-2 3rd floor #319 Sung-Nam, South Korea  463-030  Phone: 82-11-9743-8344  Fax: 82-2-543-2987  Email: xshirts@korea.com  Contact: David Kim

  YK Trading Co.,Ltd.: exporters of sweaters

  You Yeoung Embroidery Thread:  for over 10 years they produce embroidery thread.  Address: Jang Rim Busan 621-870 South Korea  Phone:  82-51-261-2381 or  82-51-261-2382  Fax:  82-51-261-2383  Email:  yufo@korea.com  Contact:  Chan Heum Paik

  • Manufacturer Item # 1: poly embroidery thread
  • Manufacturer Item # 2: metlaic yarn thread

  Yupoong: headwear manufacturer.  They are owners of the flexfit trademark.

  Yushin Cap Corperation: manufacturer, importer, and distributor of headwear.

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