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North Macedonia, officially the Republic of North Macedonia, is a country in the Balkan Peninsula in Southeast Europe. It is one of the successor states of Yugoslavia, from which it declared independence in September 1991 under the name Republic of Macedonia. A landlocked country, North Macedonia has borders with Kosovo to the northwest, Serbia to the northeast, Bulgaria to the east, Greece to the south, and Albania to the west.

  Triteks: they are producers of 100% combed cotton underwear for all gender and for all seasons.  Their products have a high quality and low prices (for their buyers).  Address:  Trajko Nikoloski 5 Prilep 7500  Republic of Macedonia  Phone:  389 (0)48 411067 or 389 (0)70 208797 Fax: 389 (0)48 411067 Email: Contact:  Dejan Naumoski general director

  • Manufacturer Item # 1: underwear
  • Manufacturer Item # 2: slips
  • Manufacturer Item # 3: winter underclothing
  • Manufacturer Item # 4: T-shirts

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