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UNIQLO designs, manufactures, markets and sells casual wear that can be worn by anyone, any day. Rather than dictate a look, UNIQLO provides people everywhere with the piece they need to create their own style. And style comes from within, which is why the UNIQLO logo is nearly invisible, tucked away inside the garment. This concept, along with an unwavering focus on quality and value, has guided UNIQLO's actions since the establishment of its first store in 1984 Hiroshima, Japan.

Today UNIQLO has grown to over 760 UNIQLO stores worldwide and is household name in Japan. From t-shirts and sweaters to denim, outerwear and trend items, all of our clothes are made according to exacting Japanese standards for quality and come in an astonishing variety of colors and styles. UNIQLO is committed to providing customers with true excellence and innovation in casual wear, from the design and functionality to the fit and color choices. As a company, UNIQLO controls every stage of the creation of its products-from the fabric used to the stringent production control program at the factory and finally to the display at the store. They use the world's best resources to give customers something better every time. 

UNIQLO's SoHo global flagship will be the brand's largest retail store anywhere in the world, featuring unique products and styles that will only be found there and a dynamic, cutting-edge store environment to make the shopping experience personal and fun.

To ensure its success UNIQLO has recruited many of the industry's top talents, stars and arbiters of style to design and manage the huge SoHo flagship. Bringing UNIQLO to SoHo is about more than just introducing Japan's favorite clothing brand to the rest of the world it's also an opportunity to express UNIQLO's essence as a unique, distinctly modern Japanese brand. UNIQLO's SoHo global flagship will be the most significant example of Japanese retail culture outside of Japan and a model for the future of UNIQLO's global expansion

Address: 546 Broadway, New York, NY 10012 USA Opening hour: Mon-Sat: 10AM-9PM Sun: 11AM-8PM Sales floor space: approx. 36,000 ft2 (3,300 m2) URL: http://www.uniqlo.com/  

Check with them "before" visiting, we can not promise that the store hours etc., have not changed.  This profile was created by Apparel Search Sept 2007

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