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Learn How to Become a Public Relations Consultant

If you work for a fashion PR company, you are welcome to join the fashion pr group and the fashion marketing group at the Fashion Industry Network.

Hey, you can promote fashion designers and fashion brands by displaying visual images.  A great place to help your clients get discovered would be the Fashion Week Photos website and the Fashion Week Videos website.

Do you represent a celebrity that influences fashion?  Possibly we can add them to the celebrity fashion directory.

If you manage a fashion PR company, we suggest you provide us with news about your fashion clients. We can post articles in our fashion fashion articles section.

Put your best foot forward, and hire a PR firm. They can get you noticed. Creating fashion is only have the battle. Rely on the experts to move your fashion from the design table to the retail racks and beyond ...

Get that PR machine rolling.

By the way, the best place in the fashion universe to market your product or service is on Apparel Search.  If you are interested, inform your Public Relations firm to check out our Sponsorship opportunities.   If we like your PR firm, maybe we will give you a discount (or maybe not).

For the latest news in fashion, you can also check out the Fashion News Articles website. The fashion news articles site is a fashion news website presented by Apparel Search.

Learn more about fashion writers and fashion journalists.  They are helpful for fashion PR agencies.

If you work for a public relations company and you are as clever as you look, we suggest that you attempt to get your clients news published on the Apparel Search fashion blog.

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If you work for a fashion public relations firm, and you have a client planning a fashion show, please let us know.  Send us the fashion press release.
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