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VintEdge the Vintage Section Launched at Londoncentral
Fashion Event Article Posted August 2, 2011


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A new vintage section is set to be added to the floor plan of September's LondonCentral trade show exhibition, with plans to expand the area in 2012.


The VintEdge section will house The Vintage Wholesale Company and The New Vintage Clothing Company, covering vintage, re-worked vintage and vintage-inspired apparel.


Managing director Carole Hunter said: "Vintage is a market that is growing in strength amongst our buyers' target customer base and therefore it makes absolute sense that we would introduce vintage clothing to the show. Vintage-inspired designs have long been a staple at LondonEdge and LondonCentral, from 50s prom dresses to the Steampunk movement. Now we're looking to grow a more dedicated vintage sector where wholesale buyers can source original and re-worked clothing. We're starting small but have ambitious plans."


The Vintage Wholesale Company will offer European and American vintage clothing and accessories for men and women. TVWC managing director Ricardo Seaton explains; "We will have a selection of products for buyers to look at and orders will be placed for a particular style and grade of design. Vintage buyers will be familiar with this process of ordering and any new customers will find it to be a successful process for building vintage stock."


Meanwhile, The New Vintage Clothing Company will house re-worked vintage (clothing formed from vintage originals) and vintage-inspired brands. Making an appearance will be their brandsRabbit Jelly and Rabbit Wotks. New range Vice Versa will be launched at the show, offering playful clothing for the 16-24 age range and 252 with iconic music and art-inspired clothing adorned with retro imagery.


The next LondonEdge, LondonCentral and Ledge takes place from 4th-6th September 2011 at Olympia National Hall, London, W14. For further information please contact +44 (0) 1162 898 249 or [email protected]. Visit

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