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Fashion Article Posted August 9, 2011


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You strut around like Tony Soprano in your designer duds, but you're constantly looking over your shoulder for ring around the collar.  You're not going to spend 10 to 15 doing hard labor to scrub out those stains, if you can even get them off.  Why get nabbed by ruined hats when freedom comes so cheaply?
White Collar Grime is an adhesive wonder from the makers of Garment Guard, disposable underarm shields.  Simply cut off the desired length of 100% super-soft cotton, stick it to the inside of your hat or collar, and go about your dirty work.  When it gets too dirty for your taste, just peel off, dispose  (natural cotton fibers are biodegradable), replace, and your hat doesn't look criminal.  As an added bonus, it covers up that itchy backside of that embroidered alligator or the scratchy Armani label that you just can't bring yourself to cut off.
Each package comes with a 10-foot roll of White Collar Grime, so the wearer can customize the length for hat size or neck size.  Retailing for $9.95, White Collar Grime is available at:
www.solutionsthatstick.com, drugstore.com, Solutions Catalog, and other fine stores that care about your clothes.
For the month of August, we will be giving away a FREE pack of our White Collar Grime with the coupon code: HAT
About The Pond Inc.:
Irvine-based, The Pond Inc. is an all-women company that develops, manufactures and markets the Garment Guard™ line of products.  The industry leader for over nine years, Garment Guard is the original disposable underarm shield.  Newer additions to the line are: (under)Garment Guard™ disposable adhesive underwear, which allows women to go panty-less; Skid Out™ deodorant, drip and drool erasers; and Subtle Butt™ disposable gas neutralizers.

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