August at EFS Paris Fashion Week 2011
Fashion Article Posted September 21, 2011


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August fashion campaing 2 Paris 2011August Eco Friendly Green Clothing... Learn more about the latest Green/ Sustainable Collection presented at EFS, Paris Fashion Week 2011.

The collection is made using Zero waste techniques wherein the fabric scraps are used for ornamentation and texture the dress. The Fabrics used are typically Khadi (Mahatama Gandhi's) , Raw silks and bamboo dyed with natural "bagru" dyes by artisans from India.

The Collection typically exhibits a range of Textured dresses made from Eco-materials and zero waste techniques.
Also, they are exhibiting at Poland Museum of Arts, Poland after exhibiting at Antenna, London Science Museum, London, because of their green and sustainable innovations.

August literally means majestic, dignified, stately, noble, pompous, grand and solemn. We presents to you the brand 'August', the brand lives up to its literal name. Glory of colors, grandeur of design, attention to details, makes the sumptuous dream a reality. August accentuates the concept of freedom and flow as the soul of all ensembles. Overall this culminates to a majestic collection and lives up to the literal meaning of the brand name 'August'.

August is a techno brand as the apparels are made using the technology for which the designer has acquired patent. Technology along with aesthetics exudes a splendid magic, yet smart, wearable and affordable. Attempt is to bring stupendous ensembles to gratify the designer appetite in each one of us.

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