One Size Fits All Is A Joke : MODA by Sofia Women's Fashion
Fashion Shopping Article Posted May 22, 2012


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When reading, "One Size Fits All", I always think – What a joke!  No matter what, you cannot stand a women 5' 11" next to a woman who is 5' 2" and expect that they are going to wear the same size.  Her shoulders are going to be at the taller women's waist.  At the same time, what makes us think that three sizes: S, M, L would ever accommodate all of our unique sizes?  For this reason, Suzan Massis Jentzsch created MODA by Sofia, a performance active wear company that designs products for women of varying sizes.  The Pluscious line caters to the somewhere in between woman.  Sometimes bigger than a large, but smaller than a plus size.  Pluscious is for the real woman, with real curves.  Some key details include the extra wide shoulder straps to provide maximum breast support, with a longer length in the leg and contouring through the waist to cover and fit curves.

While MODA by Sofia was created out of a need to fit curvier women in quality active wear, it also caters to the leaner ladies with the SkinnyGirl line. Women come in all shapes and sizes. SkinnyGirl is developed with traditional fashion sizing where a Size 2 is a small and Size 6 is a large. It is the perfect line for the smaller frame.

Our bodies are unique as our personalities. Women deserve to feel great in her active wear line, just as much as they deserve to have the choice to follow their dreams in life.

Moda by Sofia May 2012 fashion Moda by Sofia Women's Fashion May 2012


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