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The Apparel Search Company has launched a website called Clothing Model in February 2005.  You can view this fashion industry website at

The Clothing Model Directory website has been developed as a directory members of the modeling industry.  This includes fashion models, fashion photographers, hair stylists, makeup artists etc. 

This newly created interactive web site has been designed specifically to education viewers in regard to the world of MODELING AND BEAUTY. The Clothing Model web site is most accurately classified as a B2B Portal / Directory for the Modeling Industry.  The directory is vast and growing on a continuous basis, as is the beauty industry in general.

If you are interested having a career as a fashion model or you are already in the modeling industry, please visit the Clothing Model website.

If you are interested in models or modeling, you are welcome to visit the Clothing Model Directory.  The site is for runway models, fashion week models, print models, fit models etc.

Note:  The Apparel Search Company has developed two unique fashion industry modeling websites.  One site is a modeling directory and the other is a portfolio service for models.  Both sites have a similar name.  The Modeling directory is found at and the modeling portfolio service website.
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