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The website is CLOSED as of November 2014.

Your are welcome to visit the website for modeling resources.

Please visit our new site called the Fashion Industry Network.

Below is for historical reference only:

The Apparel Search Company has launched a website called Clothing Model.  You can view this fashion industry website at

The Clothing Model Portfolio website has been developed as for fashion models to create online profiles.  The models can utilize this system to upload bios and images.

If you are interested having a career as a fashion model or you are already in the modeling industry, please visit the Clothing Model website to create a profile.

FASHION industry models.

The Clothing Model web site is a fashion modeling portfolio service to assist models gain employment in the world of fashion modeling.

Models can create and modify their own modeling profile by utilizing our simple to navigate administration area.

In an effort to assist models who wish to remain anonymous during initial contact with potential employers, we have included a method for anonymous communication. This will allow a potential employer to contact a model without seeing the models full contact details. After the model, receives the first correspondence, they can decide if they wish to respond to the potential employer. At that time the potential employer would learn the models contact information. is an low cost tool for models to create online modeling portfolios. Simply stated, this is a "match making service" to assist models and members of the fashion industry and press. All communication, modeling events, price negotiations, payments etc., will be between the model and employer of the modeling services.

Create a Fashion Model Profile - The world of modeling as well as the international fashion scene has a very interesting mix of characters. Some are honest as saints and others tend to be on the dark side of the spectrum. As seen in the movies as well as in reality, the modeling industry may not necessarily be a pretty field in which to work. When beauty, money, and fame reach a crossroad, it is an interesting potion indeed. If you wish to step into the realm of fashion modeling, we suggest you proceed cautiously. In an effort to assist aspiring models, the Apparel Search Company has decided to provide an online portfolio service. This service allows models to create and maintain their very own modeling profile. The profiles may include your professional bio as well as photos of your prior fashion modeling projects. If you have no prior experience, we are not turning our back on you. This site is truly intended for both the experienced as well as novice. If you do not yet have professional photos, you are permitted to provide personal photos. However, we recommend that you provide head shots so that potential clients can view clear images of your face.

WE ARE NOT A MODELING AGENCY: The website has been designed to simply provide models with an online profile. The profile can be utilized as your comp sheet (bio / calling card / resume / portfolio etc.) The intention of this service is to be a simple as well as inexpensive method to get your face in front of the proper people. This may sound silly, but it is not unheard of to meet a casting agent in a bar, restaurant, or even the library. You obviously can not carry a full portfolio every where you go. However, if you maintain an online portfolio, you can simply write down for them your web page address so that they can view your profile at a later time (if you enticed them to do so during your initial meeting). Please do not confuse an "online modeling portfolio" with the functions of a "modeling agency". We are NOT an agency. Modeling agents provide far greater service. In fact, if you are serious about entering the modeling industry, we strongly suggest that you seek representation from a professional modeling agency. The proper agency, can make a world of difference. Modeling agents have connections with fashion designers, fashion magazines, clothing companies etc. In addition to the proper industry connections, they also possess the experience needed to navigate thru the wild universe of fashion modeling. Again, we suggest you utilize an agency, but make certain to do the necessary research to make sure that you are working with a GOOD agency. If you select the wrong agency, you will be on the fast track to disaster. Unfortunately, we can not tell you the good from the bad. We can only suggest to you to be careful and do your research! In our opinion, you should have your own modeling portfolio in "addition" to working with a modeling agency. Actually, an online profile will assist you with getting your face in front of the modeling agencies. Catching their attention is the first step to joining a good agency. In addition, not all agencies require exclusivity contracts. If you work with both an agency and your own profile, you will possibly gain assignments for which you do not have to share in your profits. If you own your own web site that displays your personal modeling portfolio, you are welcome to create a profile on our site and link it to your own web site for additional traffic. In our administration section, you will have an opportunity to list your web site address.

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