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The Apparel Search advertising Sales Consultants program is currently closed to new applicants.

Here are the details...

Job Description

Advertising Policy

First come, First Serve

Banner Location

Page Availability

Banner Size

General Conduct

Advertising Contracts

Restricted Pages

Consultant Fee (Payment to you)

Payment Terms & Conditions 

Cost to Advertiser 

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This program is currently for people living in the United States Only !!!  

Your Job Description; As an Advertising Sales Consultant
  1. Your responsibility as an Advertising Sales Consultant will be to sell advertising space for the Apparel Search Company. 

    Note: Advertising Sales Consultants "must" abide by the  Advertising Sales Consultants Policy when contacting potential advertisers.

  2. For your expertise in consulting, you will receive a service fee of 15% for the sale of advertising space on the web site. (payment terms and conditions)

  3. You will "not" be an actual employee of the Apparel Search Company.  You will simply be an independent sales consultant.   Although you are not employed by the Apparel Search Company, we require that you fill out an Information Sheet "prior" to being permitted to sell advertising space on
  4. After the advertiser places an advertisement on the web site, your duty is basically done.  You can simply sit back and collect your fee.   Although your work is complete, you will continue to receive payment for up to three years or until the termination of the advertising contract (which ever comes first). 
  5. You can "not" identify yourself as an employee of or the Apparel Search Company.   You will be an independent sales consultant, and must identify yourself accordingly.   For example, you can identify yourself as a "Sales Consultant" (not an employee of the Apparel Search Company). 
  6. As a Advertising Sales Consultant, you "MUST" read and abide by the Apparel Search Company advertising policy, rules and regulations (listed below).

Advertising Policy:

  1. First Come, First Serve
  2. The Apparel Search Company advertising policy is First Come, First Serve. Therefore, reservations will be logged by the date and time the confirmation e-mail is submitted to the Apparel Search Company.  To maintain the reservation, payment must be received within 5 business days from the original e-mail confirmation.   If payment is not received in 5 business days, the page will no longer be reserved and will become available for other sponsorship.

  3. Advertising Contracts
  4. All potential clients must be approved directly by the Apparel Search Company "prior" to formalizing a contract with the advertiser.  As a consultant, you will only be responsible for pre-qualifying prospective advertisers.  The Apparel Search Company will give final and official qualifying approval.  All final contracts will be made between the Apparel Search Company and the approved advertiser.

  5. Page Availability
  6. Page availability varies on a monthly basis (depending on the length of the advertising contract).  Therefore, location availability must be discussed and approved with the Apparel Search Company prior to being offered to a potential account.  Note: we have over a thousand pages for potential income.

  7. Banner Location
  8. We will allow only one advertisement banner at the top of each page.

  9. Banner Size:
  10. The advertising banner can "not" be larger than (468 x 60)

  11. General Conduct
  12. You are "NOT" permitted to Spam potential advertisers.   This means you must always be respectful to the wishes of our viewers and potential clients.  You must not give false or misleading information to potential or existing clients.   If we discover that you are not representing the Apparel Search Company in a reputable & honest manner, you will be permanently excluded from this program.  

  13. Restricted Pages
  14. The following pages are off limits (restricted) to the Advertising Sales Consultants.   You are "NOT" permitted to sell advertising space on the following restricted pages.
  15. First Page
  16. (the page you arrive at when going to
  17. Main Page
  18. (the page you arrive at after clicking to enter our site)
  19. Confirmation Pages
  20. (pages that are visible after submitting questions or comments to the Apparel Search Company; appear when using any of our special forms)
  21. Message Boards
  22. (all versions)
  23. Top Frame
  24. (the page that appears on the top of our web site. The page that contains the Apparel Search Company banner)
  25. The Apparel Search Company maintains the right to add or remove "off
    limits" pages at any time and with out prior notice.

Advertising Cost

Visit our Advertising main page for current charges (United States Dollars). This is for the pages that you are permitted to sell (pages that are "not" on the restricted pages).  

Consulting Fee (Payment to you)

The advertising consultant will receive a service fee of 15% of the advertising rate.

If you sell one month of advertising space you will receive 15% of current advertising cost. After the Apparel Search Company receives the payment from the advertiser, we will then send you payment. If the advertiser continues with, we will continue to send you 15% per month for up to 3 full years (three year limit).

If the advertiser pays for one full year up front, we would then send you a check for 15% of the cost of service; one year of service)

Keep in mind, the web site is international.  In addition, we do "not" require that advertisers are members of the apparel industry.  Therefore, the potential is boundless.  Let your creativity generate your profits...

The more advertisers you sign up, the more money you can make

Payment Terms & Conditions to the Sales Consultants:

All consulting fees will be paid within 60 days of payment from the advertiser (this is 60 days from the day that the advertiser's payment clears through the bank).

Under no circumstance will consulting fees be paid "prior" to the clearance of the Advertisers payment to the Apparel Search Company.   If the Apparel Search Company does not receive payment, the consultant will not receive payment.

Payment to the consultants will be made by personal check, bank check, money order or Apparel Search Company check.

Contracts with the Advertising Consultants can be broken if the consultant does not abide by the Apparel Search Company rules, policies and regulations.

If you are interested in participating as a sales consultant, you can fill out the Advertising Sales Affiliate Information Sheet (Application Form) to join.

Note:  If the service for your advertiser is discontinued or canceled for any reason or any length of time, the contract will be terminated.  Therefore, it would be in your best interest to stay in touch with your advertiser to maintain a positive relationship.  If the payment from the advertiser stops, so does the payment to the Advertising Consultant (you).  

If you have questions, you can Contact Us at any time.

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