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Google announced on October 8, 2018 that they plan to shut down the Google+ service.

Google+ is shutting down effective August 31, 2019.

This is why some people may think that Google is Evil.

Below is for historical reference of the sections we had created regarding the Google+ service.  Thanks Google, you wasted a ton of our time.

Welcome to our Top Google Plus Fashion Community Guide.

Note: below we had community badges that an image and brief info about each fashion community we created on Google plus.  They are no longer working so we have removed the code.  When it was functioning, it looked great...


Fashion Blog

Fashionista World

Fashion Brand

Fashion Industry

Fashion Boutiques




Fashion Photography

Fashion Trends

Fashion Designers

Fashion Week


Celebrity Spotting

Red Carpet

Fashion Boutique

Fashion News

If you plan to utilize any of these communities, please keep the conversations on topic.  You will find categories in each community and you should carefully follow the rules of posting only topics that are relevant to the discussion area.  Most allow the posting of website links, fashion photos, and videos.

No matter what you're into, there are people on Google+ who share your interests.  Fortunately, we know that you are interested in "Fashion" so we help you cut out some of the wasted research. Here you can find public communities around the topics you're passionate about. Join the conversation. You'll be learning new things and making friends in no time.

You can follow Apparel Search from the badge below:

Apparel Search guide to fashion and clothing
Whether a Google Plus community is for your family, your book club or people around the world who share your interests, Communities give each member a home base to communicate with one another.
Fashion Sparks

Fashion Hangouts

Fashion Circles

Fashion Streams

Don't forget to join the best community on the internet.  I assume you know the fashion community that I am referencing.  Yes, it is the Fashion Industry Network.
Learn more about : Fashion Industry  Fashion Models   Fashion Schools  Fashion News  Fashion Jobs

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