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Alpaca fleece is stronger, lighter, warmer, and more resilient than wool from most breeds of sheep.  Finer grades of alpaca fleece (known commercially as “Baby Alpaca”) are believed to be hypo-allergenic, meaning they do not irritate your skin as sheep's wool sometimes does. Unlike sheep's wool, alpaca fleece contains no lanolin and is therefore ready to spin after only nominal cleaning of the fleece. Prized for its unique, silky feel, and superb “handle,” alpaca fleece is highly sought-after by both cottage-industry artists (hand spinners, knitters, weavers, etc.) as well as the commercial fashion industry. One facet of alpaca fleece that makes it so much in vogue is its great variety of natural colors; pure white, several shades of fawn and brown, several shades of gray and true black – some 17 official colors with many other subtle shades and hues. White, light fawn, and light gray can be readily dyed, thus offering a rainbow of colors for the fleece artist. Alpaca fleece can also be readily combined with other fine fibers like merino wool, cashmere, mohair, silk, and angora to attain incredibly interesting blends.

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  A + Alpaca fiber Mill (USA): In their newly built mill, they can individually process your fiber into high quality rovings, batts and yarn. Their mill comes from their own need and desire to have yarn that comes from only their animals - yarn from their farm. It is so exciting to raise these beautiful animals with their wonderful fiber. How frustrating it has been to get that special fiber, which you worked so hard to breed for and to raise, turned into yarn. A+ Alpaca fiber Mill will create yarn from your farm so you can show off that special fiber! Every farm can have their own yarn to market or turn into garments.

  Alpaca fiber Cooperative of North America (AFCNA) : The mission of the Alpaca fiber Cooperative of North America, Inc. (AFCNA) is to create, promote and market alpaca products for their members. The Board will do its very best to see that AFCNA operates according to our mission statement. Their goal is to maximize the long-term benefits to their members, the individual alpaca fiber producers, and to their breeding industry as a whole.

  Alpaca Nation : is an Internet Web site uniquely devoted to the alpaca industry. AN is specifically designed to bring the industry's global community of alpaca breeders, owners, and suppliers into a centralized marketplace on the Internet. Its presence on the World Wide Web allows alpaca owners to freely access the most complete and current market information at any time and from any location in the world.

  Alpaca Owners Association: Serve all Alpaca Owners Association members to facilitate their success within the alpaca industry.  Their vision is A recognized and sustainable North American alpaca industry for alpaca owners, alpaca breeders, and those who design, produce, and sell alpaca related products and services.

  AOBA : The association was formed for the following purposes. (1) To promote public awareness and membership appreciation of the Alpaca's unique qualities; (2) To educate the membership on the care and breeding of the Alpaca; (3) To promote the growth of the Alpaca industry as a whole; and (4) To foster the establishment of the breed outside of its native land by encouraging husbandry and breeding practices based upon, but not limited to, herd health, overall soundness, and alpaca fiber production and products.

  Going to the Sun fiber Mill : their Montana mill is sought after by many alpaca / llama breeders as they can spin 100% pure fiber with no wool added.  Address: 2063 Farm to Market Rd Kalispell, MT 59901 Phone 406-756-6772 e-mail:

  International Alpaca Association (IAA) : based in Peru, Non-profit trade organization of companies and breeders, involved in the production, processing and trade of alpaca fiber. Extensive article on properties and uses.

  Morning Star fiber (USA)  they are a family owned and run business focusing on the processing of Alpaca and Icelandic Sheep fiber. They offer full processing capabilities from washing to skeining as well as dehairing, felting and roving.  Their website offers an interactive worksheet to give you an estimate of your order. You can also call the mill manager Karen if you have any questions.  Their business started up in January of 2005 with all new Mini-Mills equipment.  Address: 8522 Dover Road Apple Creek, OH 44606  contact: Karen Christensen

  Naturtex : Ecological Textile Products Naturtex manufactures eco-textiles on contract for private label companies and prepares annual collections of yarns, fabrics, and apparel under their trademarked names, Pakucho, Morrope, Native Cotton and Vicuna Cotton. Combining these unique capabilities, Naturtex has built a solid reputation for being a well connected and reliable contract manufacturer and exporter.  They service some of the most demanding and complex international eco markets.  : Naturally Unique Clothing and Gifts Description: Offers "naturally unique" alpaca fiber fashions for your individual tastes. Alpaca is the worlds finest natural fiber.

Natural alpaca fleece garments - beautiful clothing that is socially beneficial, environmentally friendly and comfortable to wear.