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Have you ever wondered what you should wear to that special occasion?  Well, if you are going to a wedding, and you are the bride, we strongly suggest a wedding dress (wedding gown).  The groom should wear a tuxedo (black tie).  Aside from that, selecting an outfit is often a challenge.  Matching the proper shoes, dress, slacks, etc., is often a nightmare.  Anyway, in addition to weddings, a few other special occasion events are rather self explanatory.  One of which is the Prom...  If you are a female and going to the prom, we suggest you check out the prom dress sites.

Prom Clothing Web Sites

You can also find dresses for any type of event at the dress section of our shopzilla section.

If all else fails, if you are a women wear a black dress...  If you are a man, wear a navy suit.  These are always a good back up plan.

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