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The Fountain of Youth is a mythical spring which allegedly restores the youth of anyone who drinks or bathes in its waters. Tales of such a fountain have been around the world for thousands of years.  However, as far as we know the fountain has NOT yet been located.  You are going to need to try other ways to keep that young & vibrant appearance.

Anti-aging and longevity is a hot topic for many reasons.

Here are a few top tips from Apparel Search to help combat the aging process.

  1. Maintain a proper level of physical activity
  2. Get a good nights sleep as often as you can.
  3. Make smart food choices.
  4. Drink plenty of the "correct" fluids.  Yes, drink water NOT soda.
  5. Keep stress in check the best you can.
  6. Quit the bad habits that "you know" are bad habits.  Your not an idiot, you know what you should be doing and not doing.
  7. If you don't feel well, visit a doctor.  Don't let things fester.

Many factors can influence healthy aging. While some of these factors, such as genetics, are not within our control, research shows there are steps you can take to help manage your health as you age. Even making small changes in your daily life can help you live longer and better.

More Tips To Boost Your Health as You Age

Many factors influence healthy aging. Some of these, such as genetics, are not in our control. Others — like exercise, a healthy diet, going to the doctor regularly, and taking care of our mental health — are within our reach. Research supported by the National Institute of Aging (NIA) and others has identified actions you can take to help manage your health, live as independently as possible, and maintain your quality of life as you age.

Anti-aging products - Apparel Search is NOT claiming that any of this works.  These are simply items that you can further research if interested.

Skin aging is caused in part by TGF-β, which reduces the subcutaneous fat that gives skin a pleasant appearance and texture. TGF-β does this by blocking the conversion of dermal fibroblasts into fat cells; with fewer fat cells underneath to provide support, the skin becomes saggy and wrinkled. Subcutaneous fat also produces cathelicidin, which is a peptide that fights bacterial infections.

Some research suggests that skin dryness can also arise from a decay in skin barrier function.

Learn about skin care tips to potentially help with anti-aging.

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Possibly a vampire bite would help you with your desire to not age.

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